Aaron Horkey’s True Grit Poster (Onsale Info)

After the insanity that was yesterday’s poster drop from The Alamo Drafthouse, you’d better get ready, here comes another.  Aaron Horkey’s True Grit poster is a 15″ x 39″ screenprint with three different metallic inks.  The regular edition has an edition of 400, while the variant has an edition of 110.  They will be priced at $60 and $120, respectively.  They go up tomorrow (Wednesday, December 22nd) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the images to see them larger:

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  1. Yawn

  2. Youch….KILLER!

  3. I do really like the posters, but am a little bummed on the price point on these guys. Looks like a game time decision tomorrow…

  4. The problem with ‘game time’ decisions is that I always get carried away and buy them. But yeah, I feel the same as you with this one.

  5. $60 I can (and will) do for a 15×39 Horkey. $120 would normally be fine but yesterday’s drop weren’t cheap so I gotta take into account how my wife’s gonna react to this purchase :)

    That being said these are awesome!

  6. I was more thinking of trying to get both, but I will probably just go with the regular edition and be good. So far so good on the refunds from yesterday.

  7. Wow.

  8. I love ’em, but I gotta agree with Iron Jaden, yesterday’s drop was a heavy hit on the wallet so while the variant is awesome, there’s no way I can justify $120 on it so soon.

    Great work though, True Grit was a natural fit for Aaron Horkey.

  9. As usual, the lettering is awesome, but I can do with out the snake.

  10. @brian: so would you rather it were all type or there be some other imagery in there? I wonder what a full on type + embellishments Horkey True Grit poster would’ve looked like. All “wanted” poster style like the one-sheet.
    I like the snake myself but that might’ve been an interesting approach.

  11. I like them both but I am also probably only going for the regular. If the variant was a little bit less then both. But all good.

  12. Wow, with that price tag the variant might actually last about 6 seconds longer than the regular edition when they go on sale.

  13. Why do my posts never show up on here? Am I that boring? Bet this ends up being posted now I’ve said that.

    “awaiting moderation”

  14. Thankfully, I have an extra 15×39 frame that I’ve been saving for something like this. I knew it would come in handy one of these days.

  15. This will go good with Tapecat’s Spikedrivers print.

  16. Tapecat’s Spikedrivers print is killer, the rattler on that print is amazing. Tapecat in general has got skills

  17. These aren’t anywhere near the flip factor of those Star Wars prints.

  18. Thanks Stoner, you’re an insightful one!

  19. I don’t think anyone has mentioned how much serious butt this movie is going to kick!
    I will definitely be trying for one of these bad boys, and I can hardly wait to see the movie!

  20. Has anyone clicked on the pic and looked at the snake close yet? It’s insanity.

  21. I am certainly a fan of Horkey’s art, but I am the only one who sees too much of his lettering as unreadable? I just don’t see the “G” in Grit, not literally of course… but I find that in a lot of his poster work, the lack of legibility is distracting.

    Someone like Victor Moscoso made the lettering hard to read on purpose (if you can’t read it, you’re too old for this show), but at the same time worked the text into the design so that it worked as a piece of art. Many posters really engaged the viewer to examine the artwork which revealed the message (Great Show on Friday Night!) of the poster.

    I don’t mean to flame or be down on this poster because the snake art and the lettering is certainly beautiful as always.

    Anybody got Horkey’s Mogwai Owl print for a good price? :)

  22. @Gabriel Horkey was once a graffiti artist, I think the text is exactly as legible as he wants it to be. I think his Genghis Tron 2008 poster is his best lettering ever, and it’s VERY hard to read. I see a lot of poster artists whose psychedelic fonts are ugly as hell AND hard to read. Horkey’s ability with text is a spectacle to behold.

  23. I’m happy with my Spring Print and SWOON that arrived today :)

  24. I’m definitely trying for this BEAUTIFUL print! WOW!!!!!! Don’t think I’ll have much luck, since I’ll be snowboarding…

    That is mind bogglingy good!!!

  26. On a “scale” of 1 to 10, I’d give this an 11.

  27. This is a no-brainer. Horkey + Cohen Bros. = Classic.

    Also interesting that it’s more of a real movie poster and NOT a showing of the film…

  28. Damn I hate these random drops! Smoking crack at my desk might be the only thing that would interfere more with my workday

  29. did someone @ Mondo forget to press the “release” button?

  30. I’m hungry and I have to pee

  31. I painted a picture of a butterfly

  32. @PAK

    I know huh? Why the fuck couldn’t they have dropped the Star Wars prints at this time when I wouldn’t have been on fucking plane. Too bad I missed Olly’s drop today too…

  33. you were really ready to drop $500 on the set?

  34. Fuck yeah I was. S/N of only 50.

  35. And cheaper than Ebay

  36. shit those ones were signed…didn’t realize that


  37. I hate the fact that I don’t have better things to do than refreshing the page a million times.

  38. seriously, have they ever had a release this late? i can’t remember one…

  39. Yeah I’m wondering WTF is going on. The site still has the fucking Star Wars prints just teasing us still up…

  40. its up!

  41. +1 reg…that was a bit of a drag, been f5’in for the last 4 hrs lol…f’in flippers have f’d it for everyone.f’rs.

  42. Goddamit. Starting to hate Mondo. Dropped out of nowhere and I missed the variant. Fucking FUCK!!!

  43. Just pissed cuz they drop the OM Star Wars prints at a regular time, but they drop these at a truly random time. FUcking stupid.

  44. anyone else get the “untrusted site” message on firefox? glad i wasn’t goin for the variant, i guess it woulda been sold out by the time i got rid of the security certifcate stuff….also glad i signed up for the mailing list today just to be safe, all year and i didnt have to rely on the email, dunno if this is a sign of things to come or not…especially when the links in the mail didnt work…glad its all over now

  45. I also got the untrusted site thing. Not really sure why that came up. But hopefully it never does again. If this had been a more contested drop I wouldnt have gotten my print.

  46. I’m sorry but I have always gotten everything I’ve gone for since I get the email alerts. I don’t sit on the site hitting F5…i just log on it when i get the email on my phone.


    do you get the emails?

  47. @ PAK

    Yeah but I’m at my P’s house for the holidays and I didn’t have my regular “Mail” browser giving me constant updates on my email.

  48. +1 Regular. Carted the variant then let it go. I really think the brown / copper fits the feel of the film more.

    To anyone pissed about the “random” drop time there’s just no satisfying some of you goobers is there?
    Also is high noon (austin time) really that random for a print like this? :)

  49. @ I J – not to burst your bubble, but it dropped at 2pm Central. And, admittedly, that’s somewhat later than usual. But, random time is random… I saw these go up but I passed

  50. @IJ First the Emek, now this one. Man I am going to need to send you a time zone map lol.

  51. High Noon PST… for once the world revolved around me.

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