Olly Moss’ Three Posters for Star Wars (Onsale Info)

Here they are folks, the trilogy of Star Wars movie posters by Olly Moss.  These 24″ x 36″ screenprints have editions of 400 and will be priced at $50 each (or $150 for the set).  They go up Monday, December 20th at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. oh yeah, DD, here’s to you keeping your set complete!

  2. @mike h: it’s simply a case of worlds colliding. The collectable poster community has been chugging along happily doing it exactly like this for a long time. Another community of collectors was recently introduced to our little world by way of Mondo getting the Star Wars license. The Star Wars folks are not used to things being this way and are having a very tough time adapting it seems. The same thing happened earlier this year with the Lost posters. If the shoe were on the other foot and someone asked me to dress up like Boba Fett and wander around a convention hall looking for a slave Leia who weighs less than 350 lbs to take a picture with I’d have a tough time of it myself. 🙂

  3. @mike h: Ps I really like your animation work dude. Very neat stuff!

  4. Regarding limited edition Star Wars art–these posters have already had edition sizes two, three and four times larger than some of the fine art giclees sold by Acme, for example. (Which are fantastic, and which I have purchased in the past.) Limited editions are nothing new, but the screenprinting technique makes these posters more affordable–so as the price goes down, more people can afford them and choose to purchase (or attempt to do so). The guys behind this series already take that into consideration, which is why they made 400 copies of Olly’s design instead of 150 or 195. So Justin/Mondo are already working hard to double or triple the amount of copies being produced compared to other companies, while offering them at half or a third of the price. And in return, we cuss him out on Twitter.

    If you want an unlimited supply of mass produced posters at a low price, look in a bin at Wal-Mart. Just don’t be surprised if the top notch artists you love aren’t interested in contributing their time and talents to those kinds of projects. This art is designed to be limited, rare and sought after. They are taking the concept of limited fine art and putting it out there in an accessible and affordable way, but 2500 people were never going to place an order for 400 posters.

  5. got my refund tonight. totally gutted. I would have rather missed the initial drop than have the excitement and happiness all day snatched away from me in a simple cold email.

  6. Also had them in the cart and then nothing loaded anymore. Totally frustrating, given the fact that I instantly opened the mail and they were not even on sale by then, just 2 reloads later.
    Are those flippers using some kind of bots or why did they all go through? Seems like a lot of people experienced a slow site, and only a few didn’t?

  7. Jared, that really does suck.
    Surely a bigger run on this kind of poster would be a better idea? say a 1000, which, looking at the furore that these things created would still sell in a flash but at least the odds of getting them are better.

  8. My order was cancelled as well. So disheartening.

  9. You don’t know me and I don’t know you but just a couple of thoughts. What annoys me is the frustration and loss of enjoyment in something that should otherwise be fun. I’m not sure what Justin could have done differently, but navigating a crashing website and being unable to actually place the order when I was there is just frustrating. Maybe really picking a random time and not a random time between noon and one o’clock eastern time would be a step in the right direction.

    And, Iron Jaidan, Star Wars fans being new to the world of collectibility? Really? After action figures, comics, statues and busts and replicas? Been there and done that. Yes, having a limited item that is one of a kind (sort of) is nice, but what about just wanting the image? Why not a plain poster and a special S&N, giclee, limited edition for the collectors (something that is not even possible with some of the the other items I mentioned)? If the answer is that in that case no one would choose the more expensive option, then you (and i mean the proverbial ‘you’) probably don’t really appreciate the art/artist as you claimed to be, just collecting for the sake of collecting, and that’s fine as well, as long as you don’t pretend otherwise.

  10. I was the one who brought up Amazon, and I was merely using their cart system as an example. I understand Mondo isn’t the giant corporation that Amazon is, but simply said, there are better options out there. That’s all I was saying.

  11. I have to admit I feel terrible for those who have had orders cancelled. I don’t try on a drop unless I truly love the prints and these are amazing so I think the number of people trying to get these were probably even higher than normal if there were more people out there like me. Congrats to those who got them. All the rest of us can hope for is a second drop.

  12. Olly just announced he’s selling his copies (No APs just #1-50 of each) Sets only $500 each. Too rich for me, real upset I missed these. No room to hang all 3 anyway.


  13. glad i didnt try my luck on these sounds like more heart ache

  14. Hi, so this is going to sound like a dumb question, I’m sure, but is anyone here an owner of these posters, and is anyone willing to sell me just one for $100? I really need one for a gift, and I can’t find them anywhere, and on ebay, it’s just obscene what is being asked for it, just not in my price range. Thanks!

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