New Prints from Nakatomi Inc.

Nakatomi Inc. has another big batch of prints up for grabs.  Aye Jay’s “The ABC’s of Heavy Metal” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 80, and costs $25.  There is also a glam metal variant with an edition of 20 for $40, plus a metal variant with an edition of 10 for $100.  Tim Doyle’s “Black Mirror” is a 16″ x 26″ screenprint, has an edition of 100, and costs $30.  Lastly, Doyle’s “The Sinking of the Milton Bradley”, created for the Toys in the Attic fundraiser, is a 12″ x 12″ screenprint, has an edition of 340, and costs only $10.   Visit

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  1. Mitch thank you for writing about my stuff! I really appreciate it. Your the bestest!

  2. ordered! great stuff- my only gripe is that i reckon the testament ‘T’ would have been better than what i think is the anthrax ‘T’ but i love to pointlessly nitpick!

  3. Good gripe! It was considered but that t is interconnected with other letters and I didn’t think it would be recognizable broken up, unlike the “L” which I feel is still. Hope that makes sense?

  4. Can we get a full listing of what’s what? I have a bet riding on this…

  5. yeah, absolutely- i love hearing about the decision process from the artists involved, so any more info on your agonising series of ‘sophies choices’ would be most welcome, especially to this avid metalhead

    like, i would argue that iron maidens font is the most instantly recognisable in metal so how did you decide on ‘R’ being the one for maiden?

  6. Used the R because it’s the most recognizable, there were several close calls, and a lot of shuffling around to make everything work. Case in point, someone on blabbermouth said that the V should be venom, which is debatable. In the end I felt the voivod v was more striking which was needed at the bottom of the page.

    I would have preferred to use the slayer S, or the sabbath S from the we sold our soul cover, but there was no other recognizable letter for sepultura, who I felt was important enough to not be excluded.

    Dunno if your familiar with my activity books, but it’s the same process, numerous lists of important bands and subjects, then it all gets whittled down according to space and page count. Also finding a balance between eras, genres within a genre, etc.

    Having to hear from friends via text that Halen, queen, and whitesnake “aren’t metal” is along the same lines of krs one being in the gangsta rap coloring book. Seems weird but if you know enough about the genre you can understand that just like krs was gangsta at the tine of criminal minded, queen was heavy as shit at the time and epic metal genre wouldn’t exist without them. While I don’t listen to hair or glam metal, they were important to the evolution of the popular form.

    All these things are silly balances I actually think a lot about and care about, so thanks for asking! It makes me prouder of the poster to have someone care enough to question why something was one way and not the other!

  7. too right- i’ve always considered the song ‘sheer heart attack’ by queen to be just as intense as any ‘proper’ metal song and whitesnake, while not having a balls-out metal track, headlined donington in 1983 and were second on the bill in 1981- nuff said- and van halen stand shoulder to shoulder with any metal band you care to mention

    metal is a broad church and all its hellish branches needed to be represented

    and i like to know that the person creating the poster puts as much care and effort into the concept and execution as i would, if i could be bothered to get up off my fat arse and actually do it!

  8. Can’t give out the full listing myself yet since a couple metal blogs are having contests, but if you have mispronounces coffee with you frijoles you can… Look at eb… They figured it out before it was even released!

  9. Nice…thanks man. Loving this print!

  10. Here are my answers, fill in the blanks.

    A = ?
    B = Black Sabbath
    C = AC/DC
    D = Dio (RIP)
    E = Megadeth
    F = ?
    G = Danzig
    H = ?… kidding. Van Halen.
    I = ?
    J = Judas Priest
    K = Kiss
    L = ?
    M = Metallica
    N = ?
    O = Blue Oyster Cult?
    P = Pantera
    Q = Queensryche
    R = Iron Maiden
    S = ?
    T = ?
    U = Motley Crue
    V = Voivod
    W = Whitesnake
    X = ?
    Y = Slayer
    Z = Ozzy

  11. A = Death
    I = Deicide
    N = Napalm Death
    O = Motorhead
    Q = Queen
    S = Sepultura
    T = Twisted Sister (?)
    X = Exodus

  12. correction – T is not twisted sister

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