Ken Taylor’s Avett Brothers Poster Set (Onsale Info)

Ken Taylor’s new diptych for The Avett Brothers will go up for sale today.  Both posters are 12″ x 36″ screenprints, have artist editions of 25, and will cost $45 per set.  There will also be 30 uncut 24″ x 36″ sheets available for $60 each.  They go up today (Friday, December 3rd) at 2pm CST.  Visit

11 Responses to “Ken Taylor’s Avett Brothers Poster Set (Onsale Info)”

  1. The drawing and type be coming together in a well kinda way see

  2. Love those. Wish I didn’t hate the Avett Brothers…

  3. Artwork is sick. I’d like to have one without the band info on it.

  4. Same here. Awesome prints, but I can’t stand the music. I’m actually torn about getting them.

  5. Awesome stuff Ken.

  6. Frame it with a matte that covers the bottom? Genius! And expensive!

  7. Wish I could just get the left. i’ve already got the right side. And you guys are wrong, The Avett Brothers are amazing.

  8. Love the band, love the artwork. Need to convince my fiance we need these.

  9. Sorry that my opinion is wrong.

  10. This is one of the most beautiful prints I have ever seen.

    Going to have to get a uncut one…

  11. That’s alright, as long as you’re sorry.

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