Daniel Danger Will Reopen His Store Today (Onsale Info)

After what seems like forever, Daniel Danger will open his store again today.  Brand new items will include all six of the art prints from his Gallery1988 show, LOST posters, Wolfman posters, Scott Pilgrim posters, The Decemberists, Andrew Bird, Flight of the Conchords, Pinback, WHY?, and probably more.  It will be a ton of stuff to take in, but well worth it.  It all goes up today (Thursday, December 2nd) at 2pm EST.  Visit TinyMediaEmpire.com.

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  1. Smooth as silk. +1 “I Should Have Tried Harder”. That’s like one of my wife’s favorite prints and since she rules so hard she could cut glass she’s gettin that for christmas this year. Thanks Daniel Danger! 🙂

  2. … or not… Thanks dd!!

  3. Haha… I actually have one in my cart right now Simp, and I keep getting a server error. Fingers still crossed though.

  4. Took many, many tries for “Regardless of Everything” but it finally went through. Keep trying and good luck.

  5. can’t check out, server errors wide

  6. *whew* order placed… +1 “today is the first time ive ever come back”

  7. Finally got through. So glad I got the scott pilgrim as I already had all the other prints that I would have wanted.

  8. Congrats to you guys, the one I want the most is the Fenway. DD, any chance of any of those anytime soon?

  9. Thanks for posting all this stuff DD. Wish I had waited to eBay that Lost print and picked up an AP instead. Got a couple of these from G1988 so I’ll let everybody else scramble. P!

  10. If there is anything unfortunate about this sale, it’s that I’ll now have to find three more posters to complete the Scott Pilgrim set. Anyone seen Kevin Tong’s around? 🙂

  11. @Simp – grats on the Scott Pilgrim! I just happened to be in Seattle during Bumbershoot so I was lucky enough to be able to snag that one at FlatStock. Good luck finding the others…

  12. Is there a thread on EB following this sale too?

  13. This thread is an example of what OMG needs to have more of: the *actual artist* DD interacting with his fans. Too many times I’ve seen OMG posts of fantastic art works that get little or no response.
    So c’mon, artists and fans alike, what are you waiting for??? Reply! It shouldn’t take the latest Mondo release to getcha stah-ted 😉

  14. Scott Pilgrim posters are still up, unlike Expressobeans. Oh the humanity!

  15. CJD, that would be awesome, but I personally know that most of those guys are so busy they can hardly even check their email, let alone cruise blogs and message boards. Making a living off of screenprinted posters involves almost constant work. I’m with you though, if it happened, it’d be great.

  16. Yeah it’s a treat to get some interaction from the artists on here. I’ve always super appreciated Kevin Tong’s willingness to share insight with folks and Daniel Danger seems just as awesome that way. Another thing to remember though is that a lot of artists aren’t exactly social butterflies and don’t necessarily enjoy talking to folks. Which is totally fine. We don’t love them for their public speaking abilities 🙂

    @Josh: sincerely though how can the bean be down!?! It ain’t fair.

    @Mitch: so I’m listening to 1190 AM from Boulder and there’s been the most amazing kinda droney garage rock thing playing for the last 15 minutes and I thought to myself “a hundred bucks says Mitch knows exactly who this is and what tape it’s on and where I can score it for a dollar… damnit all” 🙂

  17. Sounds awesome.

  18. @i j – ahhhh, radio1190, prolly one of the last radio stations I listened to on a semi-regular basis

  19. Did he have a lot of stuff up? I don’t see that much stuff. I looked in ‘sold out’ and there’s nothing there

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