“A Linch Pin Droid” R2D2 Star Wars Print by Kevin Tong (Onsale Info)

The Star Wars print series from The Alamo Drafthouse is really heating up as it hits the home stretch.  Kevin Tong’s amazing rendering of R2D2, titled “A Linch Pin Droid”, is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint with glow in the dark ink, has an edition of 400, and will cost $50.  It goes up Friday, November 26th at a random time.  In addition to the process video below, Kevin wrote pages and pages about the creation of the print, check out TragicSunshine.com for that.  To actually buy the print on Friday, visit Mondotees.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

25 Responses to ““A Linch Pin Droid” R2D2 Star Wars Print by Kevin Tong (Onsale Info)”

  1. Its all gone Kevin Tong!!! :) (this print is AWESOME!)

  2. very detailed poster. havent seen a star wars poster like this before

  3. Aside from the poster being red hot I absolutely LOVE all the work Kevin puts into his process videos and write-ups. This type of insight into an artist’s work flow is rare and wonderful.
    400 run or not this thing sells out fast, and for very good reason.

  4. Detail and color are nice, but I think the poster looks like a cheap bubble-gum card. It’s too ugly and cold for me.

    Good luck to those of you who like it. I hope you get one.

  5. look like the only shopping i’ll be doing on black friday will be for this poster…awesome work by Kevin!

  6. Spectacular work by Mr. Tong. Article fails to mention the metallic silver on the border and the GID inks!

    Might be a hard sell to my wife, since she likes R-2 and kinda feels like the poster is R2 on an autopsy table.

  7. Oh wait, it does mention the GID in the article. Doh!

  8. good god that looks like it was a huge pain in the ass to make, great detail

  9. Where’s the little person that lives inside him?

  10. I loved this when I saw it, but reading about the process behind its creation only made me love it more.

  11. I really dig on this one. I have always been a fan of Kevins when he does his tear down prints of things. R2 is the perfect candidate for something like this. Also, his process information is always the best.

    Hopefully it doesnt go TO fast since ill be on a crappy cell signal in the middle of nowhere Georgia on friday. Fingers crossed.

  12. Finally! I’ve got a few posters in this series and along with the Rhys Cooper Salicious B. Crumb poster, this one literally got me giddy. I’m so pumped for this release and will be trying extremely hard to get this poster.

    Great work Kevin, seriously, this is number one in the series so far.

  13. Love this print, and the rest of Kevin’s work. But sadly I’ve not hit pay-day yet and I also have a company function to attend this Friday – so there’s no chance I can snag one on the day. Guess I’ll be paying Ebay prices later….

  14. Kevin, you crazy devil! This print is bananas!

  15. love everything tong does, but this was incredible to see how it was built. huge respect.

  16. I really like Kevin Tong’s work but I dunno about this one. The Mondo Star Wars prints are sooo hit or miss IMO

  17. Gonna have to +1 this badboy

  18. Not a huge Star Wars fan – but that Illustrator process video is ridiculous… Anyone know about that grid in the background – I’m assuming just a custom thing he uses?

  19. Quick question for you OMGians: I missed the drop for the SW “Luke’s Destiny” print by Stockton and had to fork over some PayPal cash on eBay to get one. Problem is the print I received has no hand-numbering on it. I scored some of the SW prints straight from Mondo and they all had the number penciled in. The print looks legit and it came in a Mondo tube, but now I’m concerned. Did this run not get hand-numbered or did I just get hosed?

    P.S. – Love the Tong print. It looks like an old schematic from the ’70s. The man is talented.

  20. Nicely rendered but the layout leaves me really cold. It feels like some mid 90s merchandise that Lucas would have put out. The R2 text & the black background make it seem like a pencil case design or school folder IMO.

  21. I just informed my family that Thanksgiving is cancled because I need this poster.

  22. The center screw bugs me.

  23. Tong is the Man…on fire lately (Circa, lol)… But I can’t stand Star Wars nor have I even sat through a full movie.

    Great print though.

  24. Dustin–My copy of Luke’s Destiny was hand numbered.

    If yours was blank, just get a pencil and make it an AP.

  25. “But I can’t stand Star Wars nor have I even sat through a full movie.”

    Move along, go about your business – this isn’t the poster you’re looking for, Kalm.

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