“Our Infinite Universe” Art Print Set by The Silent Giants

Believe it or not, these are the first ever art prints by The Silent Giants, they’re always super busy with poster work.  “Our Infinite Universe” consists of six 12″ x 12″ screenprints with metallic ink.  They all have editions of 55 and cost $25 each (or only $100 for a full set).  Visit The Silent Giants.

Oh, also, while you’re there, check out the huge load of new concert posters they just put up for sale.  Some highlights are below, but check out the site to see them all.  Again, The Silent Giants.

6 Responses to ““Our Infinite Universe” Art Print Set by The Silent Giants”

  1. wow- the ‘our infinite universe’ set is absolutely beautiful- such great colours- and i would love to know the concept behind the choice of images- now where’s that spare $114 i mislaid earlier?

  2. great art prints.

  3. had to buy.

  4. Bravo, those art prints are boss.

  5. I’ve been buying so many Tong prints that I’m tapped out this week 🙁

    Great hexaptych here, it would reallly tie the room together.

  6. way to go SG!!! you guys are amazing!

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