“A Wretched Hive” Star Wars Print by Martin Ansin

The Star Wars series from The Alamo Drafthouse continues on with one of the best yet.  Martin Ansin’s “A Wretched Hive” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 360, and will cost $50.  There is also a silver variant with an edition of 150 for $85.  Both go up today (Thursday, November 18th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the first two images to see them larger:

38 Responses to ““A Wretched Hive” Star Wars Print by Martin Ansin”

  1. I love the work of Martin Ansin but I am no fan of Star Wars at all, so I guess I’ll take a pass. These bad boys must rightfully go to all the die-hard Star Wars fans out there.

    Beautiful artwork from Ansin once again, he rarely disappoints.

  2. Amazing….

  3. from all the star wars merchandise mondo has released recently, i would say this is the best one.

  4. Yeah first one I’ve really liked. For me the fact that they don’t seem to be able to use the Star Wars name and logo means they don’t look quite right.

  5. They are able to use the Star Wars name and logo if they wish. Unless it’s a bubblegum card from the 70’s or a movie poster, there isn’t much point in tacking a logo on there.

  6. Much prefer the regular which is good for me as I may have half a chance getting one! I’m guessing they are the same colouring as the Bride posters he did a while back. Can see this one on my wall for sure.

  7. This guy never disappoints. Definitely my favorite of the series.

  8. hands down the best print of all these star wars prints.
    just wish it was a better size. 24×36 is so cumbersome.

  9. Well damn, there goes a hundred bucks I didn’t plan on spending today :)

  10. Tell me about it IJ. That is if I can grab the variant, which I want. Hopefully I am at the ol desk when these drop.

  11. Good luck guys! I love Martin Ansin, but think I’ll pass and (hopefully) let a Star Wars fan take them.

  12. I thought that being a Mondo Star Wars completist was getting expensive. Then they start with the variants! But I’m getting both, if possible.

  13. Yea this is the tits……wow so well done

  14. I have been a fan of Martin since I saw his promo poster for Archer.

    If anyone has a lead on it, please please let me know.

  15. wow….just…wow. super excited to try to snag one of these

  16. I’ve noticed these guys insanely quickly but ebay is showing most of the ones being bid on don’t have much of a mark-up at all. Do you think these will go up in value?

  17. @Robert Haynes: yes they go up in value. If you’d like to see how much then sit on your hands when these drop and go buy a silver variant twenty minutes later on eBay :)

  18. swert! +1 regular edition.

  19. +1 Variant. Happy camper here :)

  20. +1 Variant!

  21. +1 got my variant. Time for some stir fry! Have a good one everyone!

  22. Sold out. New they wouldn’t last two minutes.

  23. New? New??? yikes… “Knew” rather.

  24. Yes, got both of them. A very nice birthday present to myself.

  25. +1 for the variant… checkout was a bit messy, but I got through nonetheless!

  26. Variant! BOOM. I got it! This is my favorite Ansin piece and I was forced to get it. If I didn’t, one more regret to add to my life.

  27. -1 :(
    Dropped during my toddler’s school thanksgiving day party. Tried to get it with my phone, but I had mashed potatoes in my hands (and now hair)

  28. PEWP! They always have to drop the moment I take a lunch break.

    -1 :(

  29. If anyone’s feelin’ generous, I’ll trade you a Martin Ansin Star Trek “Space Seed” Woodprint for the silver variant. 😀

  30. Just curious do you folks like the variant because it’s a lower run or the color? I personally like the original because it has similar colors to the original scene. Thoughts?

  31. Color and metallic inks

  32. @Sam: dude that’s actually a pretty square offer. Always wished I went for that wood print when it dropped. I might just take you up on that.
    Hit me up ironjaiden[at]gmail.com

  33. @iron jaiden: Just emailed you. I hope we can work something out.

  34. Damnit, slept through the drop and woke up 15 minutes after they sold out :(

  35. BLURG! Ansin posters always seem to drop when I’m in a huge meeting. Anyone have an extra?

  36. jon, I’m having buyers remorse need the money more, email me thevainone(at)gmail .

  37. jon, im having buyers remorse, email me thevainone@gmail.com if your still interested.

  38. I like the reg. better. The contrast in the color is more striking!

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