Another Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Florian Bertmer Project

Moon Editions sent over another sneak peek at their upcoming Ouija project with Florian Bertmer.  No more news yet, but I’ll keep you posted.  Enjoy!

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  1. This means I probably have another 6 days or so to save up pennies. Can’t wait!

  2. Fucking stoked.

  3. This thing is gonna be incredible. Please oh please be even somewhat affordable. I’m going for it regardless but I’d really like to stay outta my kids’ college money 🙂

  4. clearly this is a ouija board. The first picture was the board, and this the…letter selector…thing. Regardless I will have to obtain it.

  5. ^ Planchette. Must have Florian, missed Necromancer, NOT missing this.

    Anyone want to let me get at their necromancer planchette? 😀

  6. I don´t get it … what is a planchette exactly?

  7. “A planchette (pronounced /plænˈʃɛt/, plan-SHET), from the French for “little plank”, is a small, usually heart-shaped flat piece of wood that one moves around on a board to spell out messages or answer questions. Paranormal advocates believe that the planchette is moved by some extra-normal force. Skeptics attribute the motion to the ideomotor effect. In typical usage, a pencil would be attached to the planchette, writing letters or other designs on paper to be later interpreted by a medium.

    The most common use of the planchette is with a Ouija or spirit board. In this instance, it is sometimes referred to as an “indicator” or “pointer” to show where something is etc., like a Dowsing board. Used since the beginning of the Spiritualism movement of the mid-nineteenth century, planchettes predate the invention of spirit boards.”

    Necromancer print and planchette were bonkers. Print is beautiful. Florian & Moon killed it. This print, the second of 3 looks to be equally amazing. Can not wait to grab one. Hopefully it is at a time of the day when I can grab it easily. I had a problem with payment the first go around but still secured number 5. Wish I could get a matching number set.

  8. All right – thanks.

    So the above photo is the planchette people who bought the Necormancer print received in addition??

  9. That was taken from the Wiki page just FYI.

    The above photo seems like it will be coming with the new print. New print looks like a large Ouija board.
    Necromancer had a small image of one with the female in the picture holding a planchette. Moon included one with orders without mentioning it in advance and it had a skull on the front of it.

  10. Also it comes as a keychain and in a bag with a header card type piece stapled to the top. The quality looks great.

    If someone else doesn’t link good pictures up by the time I get out of work, I’ll take some (don’t know how good they will be) and post a link here.

  11. Thanks again – I would really appreciate some pictures.

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