Giveaway: Win A Copy of Brian Ewing’s New Book, “Don’t Hold Your Breath: The Art of Brian Ewing”

I’ve just been lucky enough to browse through a copy of Brian Ewing’s new book, a hardcover filled with 112 poster-packed pages, and it’s really great. You get to see early sketches of many of the posters, plus stories about their creation, and he also enlisted a ton of credible folks from around the community to comment on his work.  Brian was nice enough to offer a free copy of the book (complete with a signed and doodled page) to TWO lucky OMG readers.  To enter, just leave something in the comments here.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.  The winners will be announced sometime tomorrow morning (Saturday, November 6th).  Please only enter once, I will be checking for duplicate entries, plus it’s just the honest thing to do. If you don’t win, you can buy the book for around $17 at Good luck!

EDIT:  Using the random number generator at, the winners were determined to be Wafflezombie and Pablo.  Congratulations, you’ve been contacted.  Thanks so much to everyone else for entering. The book is still well worth $17, pick up a copy!

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  1. Oh my God !!

  2. Thanks OMG! for another contest.

  3. whoo this looks awesome. i hope his stuff is stilll in the atticus store on melrose. im headed ther saturday

  4. Very cool of OMG and Brian … thanks Mitch!

  5. Thanks omg.

  6. I won’t hold my breath anymore

  7. I’ve always really liked the cover image since seeing it on a Brand New tshirt years ago. That was what made me aware of Ewing’s stuff. Still like the hand just out of the water.

  8. Good work Mitch, keep it up!

  9. Mitch–you the man.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  11. He did some brand new prints didn’t he? Sweeet

  12. one of these days…

  13. Internet

  14. ..

  15. Big thanks for Brian Ewing i OMG Posters for opportunity to win this awesome artbook!

  16. Thanks for the give away Mitch!

  17. I wish all artists would release something like this, the quality looks great!

  18. It looks amazing ! *fingers crossed*

  19. Hows that for a piece of fried gold.

  20. gg to Ewing and OMG. good luck people.

  21. feed me book 😀

  22. Thank you OMG and Brian for this awesome contest!

  23. You rule Mitch!

  24. great looking book!

  25. The book looks great – thanks for the contest!

  26. boom!!

  27. Thanks for the sweet giveaway. The book looks superb – love the signed doodle page! The two people who score free copies will be lucky, indeed. I won’t hold my breath… 😉

  28. Sweet! I’m really digging Brian’s ink work

  29. Man, giveaways and Ewing are the best!

  30. WOW!!

  31. Pretty sweet!

  32. Brian illustrated a person on a poster who looks identical to me. Therefore, I deserve to win. That’s how it works, right?

  33. Nice way to hook a brother up, love that cover illo

  34. Loving brians work. His book looks awesome too!!! Long live OMG!

  35. nice, great looking book!!!

  36. Nice gift for a give away. Great work on the site btw. Thx

  37. that brian ewing is one fine piece of aacccee-if you know what i mean.

  38. Badass!

  39. Reading is the most!

  40. Looks awesome….hope I’m lucky.

  41. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Fuck yes!!!!

  43. Looks like a cool book!

  44. Cool book.

  45. I was going to buy it anyway, so if I old win it, that would be awesome! Thanks Mitch!

  46. Pick me, please.

  47. Great looking book! I’ll buy one for sure.

  48. Thanks Mitch. You’re too good to us.

  49. Cool! My husband would totally love this. Thank you for the giveaway!

  50. hook me up please

  51. Love these contests

  52. Book looks awesome!

  53. NICE. I have his poster for the Mars Volta show in Philly from years ago…

  54. sweet!

  55. This is awesome!

  56. That cover piece is my favorite piece from him…such a fantastic image.

  57. I like tootsie rolls

  58. Schwing!

  59. The book looks awesome.

  60. Thanks : )

  61. Hopes I winz

  62. In it to win it.

  63. I’m holding my breath!

  64. Nice, thanks!!

  65. Just breath.

  66. I’m holding my breath

  67. Awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  68. Way to kick it, Brian. Keep the freak alive!

  69. * Mitch – OMG blogs are a daily stop – keep up the good fight!

    Glad to see Brian get published!
    Well deserved – Ill have to pick up a copy either way – go to support art and artists – especially in this economy…

  70. Book looks awesome

  71. You rock! *Entering*

  72. Tryin’ for Brian

  73. Thanks for the chance!

  74. thanks for the contest! brians work is great!

  75. Something in the comments here!

  76. My Name is Brian too.

  77. Ewing is truly a great artist. Good job OMG!

  78. I would like to win this!

  79. Nice contest… thanks to Mitch and Brian!

  80. Great work and hopefully a great book!

  81. Hooray, a giveaway! Thanks OMG!

  82. Thanks for the chance!

  83. Amazing work

  84. This book looks amazing, hope I score a copy!

  85. Brian Ewing is an amazing artist, and this book looks amazing as well!!

  86. Another cool contest, another awesome prize! Nice work!

  87. This is great! good luck all!

  88. Yeaaa Cmon!

  89. Thanks again, man!

  90. Sign me up.

  91. I love his work! This book looks awesome! : )

  92. I like Brian Ewing’s work. I own a couple of his posters and I’m probably going to buy some of his geisha prints.

  93. It looks cool, thats for sure.

  94. Love that cover image. Consider me entered.


  96. here goes!

  97. Awesome!

  98. The cover alone is great, the rest of the book should be awesome

  99. Thanks man,Ewing rocks

  100. Very cool. Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Geese Louise, Peppers and Cheese. Love Mr. Ewing’s work! Got a poster of his from the Warped Tour framed on my fall from a few years back… Keep it up up up and away!

  102. Awesome, thanks.

    Agreed, Dylansdad. That cover illustration is sweet.

  103. Great giveaway, thanks.

  104. Book looks sweet, thanks!

  105. Great news !! Hope I win !! =)

  106. Right on! Another super contest!

  107. I’m new here at OMG, but have already snagged so many great posters thanks to this amazing site and its supporters!! Thanks OMG!

  108. awesome book

  109. Amazing artist. His “Don’t Hold Your Breath” art print is my favourite piece by him so seeing it on the cover is a bonus.

  110. Happy Friday everyone!

  111. Awesome!

  112. Thanks for the chance!

  113. Thanks Mitch and Brian!

  114. thanks for another great giveaway. keep up the good work mitch and the gang.

  115. Thanks for the contest Mitch!

  116. Yes, I’ll take it.

  117. hopefully I win!

  118. Sad I missed his lecture in KC. I do live 900 miles away though. Thanks Mitch. Thanks Brian.

  119. Thanks for the chance. Love the site!

  120. Sweet! Thanks.

  121. love it. thanks for the opportunity to win this. whether i am a winner or if i have to buy this I cant wait to flip through the pages

  122. Where the hell are you people when Mitch ain’t giving things away?
    I love free shit just as much as anyone but there’s like 9 of us that actively comment here and then 9000 that come out of the woodwork when there’s free prints to be had.
    I’m taking names and if we don’t start seeing more activity from you slugs you’re all gonna get Big Proof in your stockings this year 😐

  123. Looks great!

  124. Everybody Love Everybody!

  125. beep boop. Just because people don’t comment on every poster doesn’t mean they don’t love the site! Thanks for another contest! Internet! GO!

  126. thanks!

  127. Consequences will never be the same.

  128. pick me pick me

  129. I would like one art please.

  130. Smashing stuff!

  131. comment

  132. Thanks…this is a GOOD one!

  133. This is really awesome…

  134. I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller I wish I had this book and a 6-4 Impala!

  135. Space on my bookshelf . . .

  136. Holy hell! This is solid. My girlfriend would go nuts for this.

  137. Rad!

  138. Really cool

  139. This is my comment.

  140. Gotsta get me one a dem!

  141. looks like a great book, thanks

  142. Sweet! I love these!

  143. looks awesome!

  144. Nice book!
    thanks for the chance!

  145. Brian Ewing has always had some of my favorite poster art. I’m stoked for this book.

  146. awesome give away omg!

  147. Holy cow! Great giveaway…tossing my hat into the ring/

  148. Ewing’s dope.

  149. cool I want one *fingers crossed*but is this contest “US only”?

  150. I’m in!! Good stuff.

  151. Looks like an awesome book !!

  152. I really like Ewing’s Big Business poster!

  153. for the win…

  154. Weeeeee

  155. I would like that book for free.

  156. Been looking to get a copy of this. Thanks!

  157. The book looks amazing!

  158. I comment.

  159. Want, Want, Want!

  160. I got a chance to look through the book, still haven’t picked one up for myself though. If I win, awesome. If I don’t, I’m definitely buying one.

  161. Brian Ewing, cha cha cha!

  162. Very cool! Thx for doing this!

  163. Man he’s been using that cover illo for a long time. I don’t think I’ve seen fresh stuff from him since 2007. I would love a copy though

  164. fingers x crossed

  165. Another great contest….THANK YOU

  166. The best Ewing around, FACT. JR & Patrick have been kicked to the curb.

  167. My Coheed and Cambria IRO-bot poster is one of my fav posters they I own.

    You rock Brian!

    Thanks OMG!

  168. I once traded Brian two T’s I screened for a pack of stickers….Winning his book would be crazy awesome!! Thanks for giving us a chance guys!

  169. i’ll most likely pick this up.. but for free would be super!

  170. The book looks amazing, I really love Brian’s style.

  171. i would very much enjoy winning this book

  172. Very hot book. been a fan of his for years

  173. i dig this :)

  174. OMG, you are a daily visit for me and always brighten my day, thanks for another contest!

  175. In it to win it!

  176. nice, another lucky draw again ~

  177. sounds cool

  178. please pick me!

  179. Best book cover ever. Hope I win it!

  180. That would be awesome to get a copy of!

  181. I want a book fling with Ewing! Woot!

  182. Louuuuuddddd nooooiiisssseeeessss!

    Excited, pick me!

  183. Would love this! please please please.

  184. No one loves me

  185. I had the good fortune to meet Brian at ComicCon this year and just had to shell out the last of my monies for his awesome zombie geisha prints! Thanks for the art!

  186. I’m poor pick me!

  187. Looks good. Count me in.

  188. Dood. I so want to win this.

  189. thanks for the chance

  190. Awesome.

  191. I’d very much like to have this!

  192. Hellz yeah!!! This is a beauty, Brian is the shit!!

  193. holding my breath

  194. good stuff! i like his skulls

  195. Brian is on top of my list for must see at Comic-Con!

  196. Dude. OMG & Brian are. the. shit.

  197. I’d love this…yoooooo

  198. Thanks for the contest.
    Love that Smith print shown in the picture.

  199. gimme some!

  200. Nice!
    I covet my Turbonegro/Bronx poster from 2003 or so, this would accompany it nicely 😉

  201. Love the giveaways, thanks Mitch!

  202. i like stuff. like books. and posters.

  203. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. thanks for the chance

  205. First saw his art on the brand new tour for deja. Been a fan since.

  206. Great stuff!!!!

  207. I think I have a few of his posters stored somewhere, definitely the rufio one pictured above.

  208. Yea, Brian Ewing is pretty much my idol.

  209. Cool book. Pick me :-) Thanks

  210. superb

  211. Congrats on the book Brian!!

  212. Winnin Stuff.

  213. U da man Mitch!

  214. That looks a great new coffee table book!

  215. YES!

  216. Awesome! I need me one of these! 😀

  217. yeah!

  218. Nice looking book, and nice contest. If I dont win, I can drop 17 dollars on this book. Looks like it’s worth more than that!

  219. Solid, thanks for the consideration.

  220. La classe à Dallas !

  221. weeeeeeeeeee! brians work is always incredible. so glad this is available soon regardless! :)

  222. Love the man, love the site, love the competitions…

  223. zombies

  224. Thanks for the awesome updates!

  225. OMG

  226. Too Legit!

  227. Best contest you’ve had, hope I win

  228. GOSH ! that’s geeeeeeeeat sweet things !

  229. nothing new in there

  230. Yes please!

  231. Would love to have this in my collection. Let me just say, AMAZING!

  232. I want!

  233. Ooh, ooh!

  234. Thanks for the chance!

  235. i need some love!!

  236. God bless america.

  237. omg! this is maaad cool

  238. Thanks for the chance, OMGP!

  239. thanks for the opportunity!

  240. OMG Posters! and OMG Vinyl! are essential daily reading…thanks for the great content.

  241. Well, here goes! Thanks for hosting some amazing contests Mitch!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  242. awesome artist

  243. thanks! looks like a great book! :)

  244. great to see brian get some recognition. i’ve got a couple prints of his from about 10 years ago. looking forward to seeing the book.

  245. i’ll smoke a big ol BLUNT with you if i win.

  246. Sounds good to me!

  247. A’YO!

  248. I still get chills looking at the Elliot Smith poster. What a wonderful yet sad image.

  249. awesome stuff

  250. I’ve never seen a competition this easy to enter, i love the idea. Well done guys, great artist also.

  251. pick me 😉

  252. Indeed! thx omg

  253. Totally Rad. Me Want

  254. Thanks for the contest!

  255. Looks good

  256. Awesome cartoon style, I would love one of these. Thanks!

  257. Count Me In…

  258. Suuuuuhweeeet

  259. Please, oh please…

    Thanks for the chance!

  260. I like to hold my breath and I also like books, it’s a perfect fit!

  261. awesomeness!

  262. Thank you omg & Brian.

  263. Been meaning to pick this up.

  264. I hope more artist compile all their work into books, makes it a lot more possible to collect it all. Good stuff.

  265. would like this!

  266. thank you OMG for the awesomeness :)

  267. plox omg

  268. cool book – thanks for the contest and please pick me!

  269. I’ll take it. Thanks.

  270. This is the 39th time I’m traveling back in time to try to win this contest.

  271. cheers!

  272. Nice Book!

  273. The best cover on any book I’ve seen all year!

  274. Very cool, love Brian’s work and the trailer is veeery cool

  275. Very nice. Brian’s stuff is the truth!

  276. This looks great, can’t wait to see the whole thing!

  277. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

  278. Hip Hop … can´t stop !!

  279. Thanks for the giveaway Mitch!!

  280. Awesome contest!

  281. High Time an Aussie won something?/ > & I love Brians’ work.

  282. Brians work is the best

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