New Things Going Up at (Onsale Info)

A bunch of previously sold out prints will be going up for sale tomorrow at Postersandtoys.  Included will be copies of Tyler Stout’s Let The Right One In and Phish, plus copies of the Bounty Hunters sets and Poltergeist by Ken Taylor.  Only a few of each will be available, so be quick.  Pricing is not yet determined.  Everything goes up tomorrow (Thursday, October 28th) at 2pm CST.  Visit

22 Responses to “New Things Going Up at (Onsale Info)”

  1. If I could get a LTRI Regular at the right money I’d be one moon-walking Englishman.

  2. Yeh, I have the quad, but wouldnt mind a regular as well. If I am at my desk, if the price is right ill go for one.

  3. Will the Bounty Hunter sets be sold in complete sets, and will they have matching numbers?

  4. wow….that ken taylor sure draws pretty.

  5. so is that 3pm pacific time for us west coasters?

  6. No, it’s in 24 minutes.

  7. ok thankssss

  8. ahh, was trying to score the bounty hunters but it says out of stock! boo

  9. Haha, it hasn’t gone up yet, five minutes.

  10. damn $170, not bad, I want!

  11. no luck – normally i’m pretty good at this

  12. A Note From

    The following errors were encountered while making a purchase:

    Let The Right One In Poster by Tyler Stout (0 Available)
    Let The Right One In Poster by Tyler Stout (0 Available)

    fuck, i always haver a problem trying to get something there…

  13. wow that sold out QUICK

  14. same thing happened to me, kept refreshing, popped up for sale, I had it in my cart, went to proceed to checkout, GONE =/

  15. Damn, same thing happened to me, no idea how someone can checkout that quick. Had it in the cart, then I got the error message.

  16. Both the Stouts vanished while I tried to checkout.

  17. Yeah, when there are only a few of each print, it’s basically like pulling a slot machine. Sorry I couldn’t help everyone, wish I had more.

    After counting, there might be a few more Bounty Hunters going up.


  18. The moonwalk remains un-walked. Regular LTRI went FAST. Damn having to drop down for international postage. Just cant justify the $200 for the quad. Email when they go on 50% sale (haha).

  19. While I wasn’t happy about them going instantly, I have to say that the owner of the site (posting as admin, above), was very helpful and replied instantly when I inquired about the quick sell-out. Kudos for the quick and helpful customer service!

  20. Got a Poltergeist poster, looks amazing. Thanks for putting that up! Thought I lost my chance at that one.

  21. just a quick question, how long does an item stay in your cart for? is it timed and will be released back? I saved it just in case

  22. No, it’s live inventory.

    Just added a few things back after counting.

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