Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988 (Preview is Live)

The preview for Dan McCarthy’s show at Gallery 1988 San Francisco just went live.  There are a number of beautiful paintings available, plus a really awesome series of hand-embellished prints.  Check it out at NinenteenEightyEight.com.

4 Responses to “Dan McCarthy at Gallery 1988 (Preview is Live)”

  1. nice work –

  2. collectively, a little redundant but there is some really nice stuff there. if cold moon or harvest moon were turned into screenprints, i wouldnt think twice about picking one up.

  3. If I had $13,500 just laying around, the Pink, Harvest, and Cold Moon prints would be mine without hesitation.

  4. Yeah.. Cant believe hes already sold $30,000 worth of stuff!! GO DAN!! your the man..

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