Dan McCarthy’s New Art Print (Onsale Info)

No images available yet, but word is Dan McCarthy’s much overdue September art print will go up for sale today (Monday, September 27th) at 2pm EST.  Keep an open eye on DanMcCarthy.org.

“Perennial” Art Print Series by Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie has a new series of inexpensive art prints.  The “Perennial” series includes four 18″ x 18″ giclees, each have editions of 40, and they cost $20 each.  Visit Chazbro.com.

New Originals by Masayoshi Hanawa

If you’ve been reading the site for a long time, you probably recognize Masayoshi Hanawa’s art, I’ve been trying to write about his originals for quite awhile now.  Tokyocube has three new ones available (1.32-1.34).  For a few hundred dollars, these will blow you away in person.  Visit Tokyocube.com.

Interview With Aaron Horkey

Hi-Fructose just posted a huge interview with Aaron Horkey.  It’s very in-depth and even covers some of his intricate creative process.  It’s two parts, so be sure to hit the link at the bottom of the page for part two.  Visit HiFructose.com.

The Print Mafia Twisted Mystery Tube Sale

For a limited time, you can get a mystery tube from Print Mafia with two posters, an art print, and a bunch of other goodies for only $30.  Visit PrintMafia.net.

White Stripes Uncut Sheets by Todd Slater

Todd Slater has a few uncut sheets of the White Stripes prints he did for their “Great White Northern Lights” book.  These are 18″ x 24″ screenprints, 100 uncut copies were made, and they’re $50.  Visit ToddSlater.net.

2010 Fantastic Fest Posters

Here’s a roundup of the posters created for this year’s Fantastic Fest, an annual genre film festival held at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.  All posters will be for sale at the screenings this week and next, then maybe online later.  Enjoy! Fantastic Fest 2010 by Mike Saputo Let Me In by Olly Moss […]

Arkitip Issue 51: The Shepard Fairey Issue (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will be releasing some copies of the issue of Arkitip he worked on.  It’s 7.5″ x 10″, has a stencil cover, and has an edition of 5000.  The package also comes with three 7.5″ x 10″ screenprints:  “Obey Eye” (black), “Obey Order of Independent Artisans”, and “May Day Flag”.  All of this will […]

Seven New Art Prints by Noferin

Artist duo Noferin have just released seven brand new art prints.  They are all small giclees with small editions and reasonable prices.  Check out their Etsy Shop.

Three New Art Prints by Tara McPherson

Zerofriends has started carrying art prints by Tara McPherson, these first three are great.  “Lilitu” is a 17″ x 22″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $100.  “The Handler” and “The Healer” are both 8″ x 10″ giclees with open editions for $25 each.  Visit Zerofriends.com. As usual with Tara’s work, these are […]

“The King Is Dead” Art Print by Oliver Barrett

This is a pretty hilarious new art print by Oliver Barrett . “The King Is Dead” is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint for $22.  Visit his shop.

New Poster for The Arcade Fire by Burlesque Design (Onsale Info)

Wes Winship and Mike Davis have teamed up on this new poster for The Arcade Fire.  There’s not a whole lot of info out there, but it’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint that will cost $25.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, September 23rd) at 2pm CST.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

Incredibly Weird and Awesome Mannequin Art Prints by Johnny Sampson

Johnny Sampson wandered around a wig store in Chicago taking pictures, then decided to produce this unbelievably weird (in a good way) series of art prints.  “Loretta” and “Peggy” are 12″ x 18″ screenprints, have editions of 47 and 27, and are $20 each.  “Wig Mannequins” is a 20″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition […]

“The Sign Of Things To Come” Art Print by Mike Klay

Mike Klay is celebrating the change of seasons with his new art print, “The Sign Of Things To Come”.  It’s a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and is $40 shipped.  Visit PowerslideDesign.com.

“People Who Matter” Tiny Showcase Art Print by Jacob Magraw

This new Tiny Showcase print is already almost half sold out, so jump on it soon if you like it.  Jacob Magraw’s “People Who Matter” is a 5″ x 7.8″ giclee, has an edition of 100, and is $20.  Visit TinyShowcase.com.