“The King Is Dead” Art Print by Oliver Barrett

This is a pretty hilarious new art print by Oliver Barrett . “The King Is Dead” is a 16″ x 24″ screenprint for $22.  Visit his shop.

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  1. HA!!!!! this is great!!!!! Im a ohio native and a huge cleveland sports fan.. what he did was cowardly.. hopefully dante stallworth is still driving around miami.

  2. Anyone who was genuinely upset about this for a long time is way too sensitive. Ultimately, there is a lot of politics in sports and players are going to do what they want to do.

    This print is kind of funny though.

  3. @13: Also being an Ohio native it wasn’t the fact that he left, we all basically knew that was coming. It was how he did it. Having the “decision” was one of the worst “decisions” he could have made. It made him come off as a douche when he said he was going to “take his talents to south beach.” Im not even that big a basketball fan, but there could have been a way more tactful approach to how to do that.

    *Stepping down from my soapbox*

  4. Sure, you could be more tactful, but I don’t see how it could upset so many people. And I do know the feeling from having a few sports leave from my city as well. But I’ve seen some hateful stuff posted about him, like he owes people something.

  5. I mean, sure, fans go to see games and cheer him on. But it’s already ridiculous how much athletes at that type of level get paid, and it’s almost inevitable that each team will get screwed over by players at least once a year.

  6. When did this site turn into ESPN.com? Solid drawing, can’t wait to see the print. Keep ’em coming. Sports.

  7. This poster is great, creepy too.

  8. Poster is great.

    And ill tell you when people are pissed. #1 WHO THE FUCK thinks they are entitled to an hour long special on ESPN to announce where they will go. Larry Bird said that this was one of the most shameful things hes ever seen, and nearly every single NBA alumni has some grief about that, or just the way he has conducted himself as an individual.

    Heres the main concern. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO WIN EVERYTIME, struggle advances the sport as a whole. Creating “all-star” teams to battle each other doesn’t evolve anything, and just leaves the rest of the league with the opportunity to get blown out by seemingly stacked professional organizations. People are way to focused on wearing the crown (or ring for that matter), instead of just playing the game they are “supposed” to love.. Just my 2 cents.

  9. Who cares? Cleveland is a shitty city anyways.

  10. I agree with your comment Natronink. I feel the same way. To add my own 2 cents I remember a time when you just did’nt stack the deck when choosing your team. Anyone who has played the game vvhether on a schoolyard court,gym,park or anywhere it was possible to hoop and was picking his team knows that you just can’t pick the best players. Someone would speak up and you had to pick someone else to make the game competitive for everyone. I believe this why the true basketball world has taken this Lebron thing so hard. It is something that does’nt happen. But mind you, this was very,very close to tampering. D-Wade is as much to blame. It’s how they went about doing it that has everyone so pissed off. It was’nt fair to fans who pay the ticket prices that allows the players to have the crazy salaries. I’m a old school baller and my three boys are starters at their high schools and college level. They wore Lebron jerseys and still think he has the best skills in the game but as a person, they seem him in a different light. Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  11. get off LeBrons man he made a buiness choice because the cavs couldnt put a team around him that could win it all Bron is going be measure by how many championship he win so thats what he is tryna to do win muptile nba titles

  12. All of the crybabies who keep making these dumb ass statements about Lebron James and the decision that was made by him to leave Cleveland grow the hell up, the young man made a decision just like anyone else would when it comes to their personal happiness that comes when given the option to go work where you believe your going to be the most successful. It’s a job and if he was just an average player we would not be concerned, when the team is about to trade a player they don’t confer with you or your family they just decide to let you go and basically dump your ass, so leave the young man alone and stop your crying……goooooooooo Miami and good luck Lebron

  13. For those that are still not understanding the point. It is NOT the decision that he made to leave Cleveland. It IS the shitty way in which he did it by having some big stupid show about how great he is. If they dont win the title this year they look foolish.

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