2010 Fantastic Fest Posters

Here’s a roundup of the posters created for this year’s Fantastic Fest, an annual genre film festival held at The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX.  All posters will be for sale at the screenings this week and next, then maybe online later.  Enjoy!

Fantastic Fest 2010 by Mike Saputo

Let Me In by Olly Moss

Rubber by Olly Moss

Roger Corman Gala by Zach Hobbs

Nevermore by Alan Hynes

X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes by Rob Jones

Red, White, and Blue by Sawdust

11 Responses to “2010 Fantastic Fest Posters”

  1. Damn, why can’t I live in Texas? I want that Olly Moss Let Me In to go with the Stout – Let The Right One In print. Oh well.

  2. Wow. I would love to see Jeffrey Combs perform Nevermore.

  3. Olly showin off the mad skillz again, but that Nevermore print is by far my favorite. Must buy.

  4. Hynes has the best one of the bunch.

    Then Moss.

  5. to me, the mike saputo poster is one of the best posters this year, it’s just an illustration masterpiece… the composition, the lettering, the texturing, the lighting, the whole thing is just extremely well designed and executed.

  6. I cant believe they made an americanized version of “let the right one in.” I bet it will suck compared to the original..

  7. I have actually heard nothing but good so far.

  8. I think it may be one of the only remakes that is decent. We’ll see. They better keep all the violence and gore of the first one. And maybe even top that by including the stuff from the book (castration, killing animals = the other director wasn’t up for doing). I bet the American one will be shorter.

  9. I LOVE the first one, oh my godddd

  10. Mondo’s Facebook:

    “Olly Moss’ LET ME IN poster will go on sale in our Austin store tomorrow morning.”

    “If we have any left after the fest, they’ll go online.”

  11. I’m over hearing how LET ME IN will “suck” compared to the original. NOTHING will compare to the original, and frankly, why does it have to? It’s a separate interpretation, this is someone else’s retelling of the story, so take it on its own for its own merits once you’ve seen it. Fanboys, feh.

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