Nakatomi Mystery Tubes Are Back

Tim Doyle of Nakatomi Inc., quickly becoming the king of mystery tubes, is having yet another blowout sale.  For a mere $50, you’ll get five random prints, including test sheets, slight misprints, regular prints, etc.  There aren’t a whole lot of these, so check out

6 Responses to “Nakatomi Mystery Tubes Are Back”

  1. +1 for me

    I love the tubes that Nakatomi do… this is my third one and if I can snag one of those Anville DMC’s I’ll be real happy. Doyle and co do great work and I can’t get me enough Nakatomi.

  2. I demand a crown.

  3. I have been a frequent buyer of the tubes, I am holding off this time though just to save the 50 bucks, im sure next time around ill be back in on them…

  4. drowned my horkey sorrows by snaggin one of these…i love the surprise of the mystery toobers

  5. just picked on these bad boys up, hoping for that ‘The Cook’ wood print. #Longshot

  6. Such an easy +1 for me. I love Nakatomi AND I love rad surprises. Can’t lose here at all.
    Hurley or DMC would be awesome.

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