“Dawn of Tatooine” Star Wars Print by Shan Jiang

The sixth print in The Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars poster series has just been unveiled.  Shan Jiang’s “Dawn of Tatooine” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 410, and will be $50.  It goes up today (Friday, September 10th) at a random time.  If this is anything like the last ones, it might go fast.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the first image for a larger view:

51 Responses to ““Dawn of Tatooine” Star Wars Print by Shan Jiang”

  1. Sandtrooper on a dewback… although originally intended, a Special Edition insert is an easy pass. [i’m still staring at my McCarthy anyway] the two moons of Tatooine are pretty cool though.

  2. ugh…..gosh this would be a nice score. decisions…..

  3. Annnnd Im in! Packed my lunch today so Ill be here until it drops. Gotta keep the streak alive, going for 6 for 6.

  4. damn!!! nice one Baker, got all 6 of them. i bet that is impressive to see them all lined up next to each other. are you getting all of them framed?

    i think i might try for one now that ive had 20 min to mill it over.

  5. Once again, I will be going for another Mondo Star Wars Print. I can’t resist.

  6. All credit for my Hoth print goes to my girlfriend who surprised me by getting it for me while I was gone camping for the weekend.

    Im honestly hoping at some point we get some of these releases without the night before notice. We shall see if that ever happens.

  7. Argh, I love this print but today I’ve got tons of work errands to run. Maybe it’ll drop at just the right time. I’ve already got the Raider, Hoth and Yoda prints, this would be a really great addition to my collection. What really sells me is the artist’s description of a lone stormtrooper just getting away and relaxing before chaos breaks out.

  8. I can’t wait to see this one in person. Haven’t missed one yet.

  9. @Rickker: not to be a complete nerd but dewbacks were seen in the original New Hope. Because of their limited mobility they were relegated to background imagery but the intent was always to have these guys be desert transport creatures. In the ’95 remix they were sloppily multiplied as CGI but I’m gonna assume what we’re lookin at here is O.G. solid.

    Super impressed with this one. Just like my main man Baker I’m goin for the gold with this series so even if I didn’t love this I’d be in for a +1.
    Yes Mondo, you had me at “Star…” :)

    Good luck boppers!

  10. yep another day off another sw drop…i have been pretty lucky with these so far….my hoth arrived yesterday and looks awesome….so is this one with metallics? the angled detail shot makes it look all gold…good luck to all 😉

  11. ooooo… I wrote ’95 remix didn’t I? That ain’t right. I’m not turnin in my geek card or anything but yikes. The beginning of the end of my happy childhood began in ’97 of course. The same year James Cameron cashed in his sci-fi chips and fucked up boat movies for all of us.

  12. I had never heard of this artist before, but it only took me about two seconds to become a fan. As much as I like the stuff we’re getting from McCarthy and Slater, it’s also fun to be introduced to some new talents.

  13. @Dylansdad: absolutely. The introductions to new artists is just as exciting as the prints themselves for me. Shan Jiang is a name I haven’t heard before this release but I absolutely want to see more posters from him in the future. Mondo has a great habit of introducing us poster junkies to some very talented folks out in the world.
    If anyone would like to see more of Shan’s excellent work check out http://www.everynicething.com/

  14. Gotta pass even though this is a good one. Waiting for a really badass trooper or vader print.

  15. Up

    +1. Good times :)

  16. +1…bit more laggy than the last coupla drops, but still pretty darn smooth…so that’s the 6…how many more are we gonna get?

  17. +1. It’s still on sale 5 minutes later. Longer than Yoda. Surprising, considering this one was on the official Star Wars blog and the MTV movie blog.

  18. I’m not surprised. Nice high number and a new artist to the fold. Star Wars nerds are slower than Jaba when it comes to poster drops while poster nerds are lightning quick on drops but super conservative about new artists (see the day Olly Moss dropped his first Lost print.. took a while to sell out).
    This is like the best of both worlds, everyone gets in! :)

  19. still on sale and 4 up on ebay already!!! oh just checked again sold out

  20. got one though :)

  21. annnnd gone

  22. Sold out while I was entering my shipping info. Damn work computer was slow as hell and firefox and chrome kept giving me a “no cookies enabled” error. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

  23. +1 I got lucky on this one. My boss basically through her work stuff down and said we are going to lunch. Which even though I didnt want to go, I dont really have a choice there. Long story short, glad I logged into the store on my iphone before we left so even though it took a bit I got it. 6 for 6.

  24. just took one look for a good impression on this print, on the second look I noticed one thing that bugs me, & that is the STARS in front of the MOONS. aside from that, nice intro for the artist.

  25. Boo-yaa!!! +1…late to post here…was more concerned with posting on EB. Ha!

  26. @jhulud: haha my goofy internet filter at work allows me to look at art at EB but not comments or forum. Someone in charge knows full well how much payroll some of us would waste if we could bullshit over at EB and Gigposters all day :)

  27. @ Mozart

    Let me axe you a secret? Is your eyeballs on cocaine? Kidding, kidding, but I believe that these are either both moons, or that is Tattooine’s darker yellow star. However, it doesn’t entirely make sense, as Tatoo I and Tatoo II have a very close binary orbit. If one is visible, so should be the second. They can be seen here: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071030141948/starwars/images/thumb/6/6f/Tatooine3.jpg/250px-Tatooine3.jpg

  28. @ Mozart (again)

    I just checked Wookiepedia again, and Tatooine does have three moons. Ghomrassen, Guermessa, and Chenini. It’s very possible that we’re seeing two of these moons as the suns are starting to rise, illuminating the skies with the beautiful hues we see.

  29. Agree with Mozart… seeing stars through the moons/stars/whatever looks like a mistake, whether intended or not

    Poster people may not care, but it may bother the SW crowd

  30. @ Evan

    what i meant is that there shouldn’t be any tiny specs of stars between Tatooine & its moons.

  31. @Evan

    I think what he’s saying is that if you look at that other moon in the background, there are stars (little white dots) in front of it. If there was a star in front of that moon, you probably wouldn’t see that moon. *Insert that’s no moon joke here*.

  32. It’s space glitter you guys, get with the program. 😛

  33. @iron jaiden i know they were originally specks in the background and how lucas intended them to be. but they were prominently shown all cgi’d up in the special edition. i guess just like my star wars viewed through grainy vhs goggles. haha.

    congrats on the score!

  34. @ Mozart
    Good eye! I got so caught up in figuring out the moons that I didn’t even notice! Now that’s going to irk me, as well. Sucks that it’s now readily apparent that she was using a layer for her stars, and couldn’t even be bothered to wipe some of them away.

  35. She? Her?

    Olly Moss said: “I used to work with Shian at ilovedust. Lovely guy; I’m glad to see him making the move into art prints.

    It boggles my mind that he isn’t more well-known. I think he is one of the most talented illustrators working at the moment.”

  36. My son Milo does that all the time. He doesn’t recognize the sex of a person so everyone is “him” and “he” and “that guy”.
    My wife and I were gonna correct him one day but we actually dig how level the playing field is for him that way. He’s three years old so it makes no difference right now. We’ll see how long it lasts.
    Maybe Evan’s parents didn’t correct him either? :)

  37. Actually, the stars were a stylistic choice, not a mistake, it was discussed before release. I think it makes it seem even more exotic and rad.

  38. @ admin

    thanks for clearing the atmosphere, no pun intended.

  39. It’s a trap! errr…. TRACING!!


    Same pose as the promo picture. Same angle of spear. Same tilt of head. Same positioning of the blanket, saddlebags and straps. Same exact position of the reins.

  40. WOW @ 3d
    My heart just sank. I mean, I like the print, but it kind of sucks to know that the focal point of the piece was just traced…

  41. @ 3d

    nice find. total bummer!

    @ evan

    i feel your pain.

  42. I wouldn’t worry too much about the tracing. Shep has made a career of it. Apparently its fine!

  43. i mean, you guys have heard of illustration right?


  44. I’m not sweatin the tracing. I love the poster because I love the poster. I wouldn’t even call it a “Shep move” because Shep rarely does anything other than trace a photo and fill the background with Obey goobley-gop. This is more like how Tyler Stout brings photo elements from movies into illustrator and traces them for the composite poster.
    Looking at his portfolio it’s quite clear the man can draw and simply chose to use a photographic reference for the dewback and storm trooper. He could’ve altered it but why bother when the thing happens to be in the right position as is?

    Anyways, that’s my take. If anyone’s too bummed to display this one I’ll gladly take yours off your hands for $40 + shipping 😀

  45. I’m just amazed how many people say they have kids and jobs and wives and get so bent out of shape over a print. Maybe spend your time and money on your family and more important stuff? I don’t know…

  46. @Aaron B: what you’ve got on your hands there is a fallacy my man. To assume that the few minutes required to discuss art in a public forum somehow interferes with family life is absurd at best. But you knew that before you wrote your comment. You’re just trying to make a point. Poorly, but you’re trying.
    I don’t think the point you were trying to make was that people shouldn’t concern themselves with this type of art unless they’re single and without children so I’m at a bit of a loss as to what your point might have been. I will tell you that, as a proud father and a dedicated husband, the quickest way to my shit list is to question my abilities in those areas of my life. I’m pretty sure other family folk feel the same way. I’d tread carefully in them waters dude.

    Anyways I hope this comment section stays mildly active tonight. It’s very slow at work and I can’t post to EB (or any other decent forum) from this computer. :)

  47. I always kinda wonder if Mitch just shakes his head at the asinine tangents his comment areas devolve into or if he secretly kinda digs it.

  48. A real artist takes inspiration from something that inspires him and then makes his own statement out of it. This artist could have easily taken inspiration from the statue and created his own version. Instead he decided to use Photoshop and just trace it. That is not artistry, that is being a human mimiograph. And quite frankly it is stealing from the real artist who drew the design for the statue.

    It now makes me think that if we looked hard enough we could find images that make up the left hand of the poster. Some combination of Greece and Anasazi Indian cliff dwellings.

  49. I meant no insult by it. I see that your job must be insanely busy, what with the long winded responses and being able to F5 a print website day in and day out.

  50. @Aaron: Its called a hobby man. How do you think nearly 100% of us get our prints, thats right, at work. I would be willing to bet you sit there and do the exact same thing. If our job allows us to do something for our hobby while getting other work done what is wrong with that? When I am waiting for a drop its pretty simple, let my page reloader plugin do the work for me while I work on other things, and then when the buy button pops up, buy whatever it is I want.

    You make it sound like because we collect prints and actually have a hobby that we cant be a dedicated husband or boyfriend. Get off your high horse man.

  51. @Aaron: Dude stop bein a dork. It doesn’t become you.

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