“Redrawn” Show at All City Media

All City Media recently put together a show of re-imagined posters for films they’ve worked on.  This is the show that spawned Tyler Stout’s “Let The Right One In” poster.  The whole show, which is quite impressive, is currently up for viewing online.  The price is pretty steep if you’re outside the UK, but I know some artists will have some non-UK-quad-sized versions for sale themselves in the near future (hint hint, Kevin Tong, more info soon).  Anyway, check out the show at AllCityMedia.com.

4 Responses to ““Redrawn” Show at All City Media”

  1. I think the prices are still pretty steep for those people IN the UK! 150 quid per poster isn’t exactly peanuts.

  2. The Stout is probably worth it since the price has gone up from the original release. The others…time will tell.

  3. Love that Spirited Away. All City do some great work and put together some nice shows. Good job dudes.

  4. I really like Control and Gamorrah. I’ve got the Stout but I’d love to have these. Not $300 love to but if the artists release their copies at normal prices like Tyler did I’ll bite for sure.
    Super dig the Tong Moon but two Moon posters in my house might not get past my wife’s budgetary sensibilities 🙂

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