More Exclusive Info About Aaron Horkey’s “Midwestern Heart” Print

Aaron Horkey just sent over some pictures and edition info for his “Midwestern Heart” print, first available at his upcoming show.  Here are the essentials:

Regular edition of 118 pieces with 12 APs.
18″X26″, 4 colors (including a metallic red/orange) on French speckletone true white.
Signed, numbered, embossed and chopped.
$80 at the opening reception, remaining copies available for $100 via the internet, post-opening.

Variant edition of 6 pieces.
18″X26″, 2 colors on French durotone steel grey.
Hand-finished with grey prismacolor pencil highlights.
Signed, numbered, embossed and chopped.
One of the 6 copies of the variant will be given away at the opening reception, details TBA. Must be present at the opening to win.

2 copies on antique paper, NFS

All printed at BRLSQ by Ben LaFond

More info about the internet onsale will follow shortly.  For now, enjoy the new detail pics below (and keep in mind all the white in the grey version was drawn by hand with colored pencil…mind-blowing!), including a full view of the variant.

17 Responses to “More Exclusive Info About Aaron Horkey’s “Midwestern Heart” Print”

  1. And Aaron Horkey continues to believe that his name is worth absolutely ridiculous prices/and another art gallery continues to price gouge a name, a la G1988. Can’t wait to see the resale value on this one…
    Another Horkey I won’t be getting. But hey, maybe he and Audrey Kawasaki can get together and do a 16″ x 20″ collaboration. Edition size of 200 for the low, low price of $400!

  2. Again, ALL of the white/light grey in the variant is hand-drawn with pencil. When it comes down to it, I doubt he’s getting a very hefty hourly wage on those, I bet they are taking forever.

  3. well said, admin.

    don’t like it, don’t buy it. pretty simple.

    seriously amazing work! i just did a zoomed in side by side comparison. there’s so much extra detail in the hand-finished print. ridiculous! and no doubt time-consuming. would be worth every cent. i just wish i had that many cents.

  4. What the fuck has resale value got to do with anything ?
    Pissed off this ain’t gonna be a flip ?

    What a dumb , dumb post .

  5. I wil be trying to get one online. Hopefully. This is stunning.

  6. Those AP’s look ridiculously good. Sadly I wont be at the show, but if any of these make their way online I will be going after one. Looks awesome, and cant wait to see what is in Suite 2 of the letterpress series.

  7. Just saw these are being printed at Burlesque…I always wondered why Horkey began going elsewhere (and never could find any explanation online), but I’m really glad to see the letters BRLSQ in this post. The print looks incredible.

  8. I would love to pick this up, but something tells me that’s not going to happen with so few available.

  9. I’ll definitely be trying for this. I’m not gonna hold my breath but I’d be crazy to not try.

  10. MEOW !!!

  11. art print of the year so far
    I need an AP, they’re priced right and not flippable, so if you’re buying an AP to flip….you’re gonna lose

  12. What a beautiful, breathtaking work. Any complaints about price etc should go straight to the STFU line.

  13. Gorgeous. And priced just right. Only a scorned amateur tout would complain.


  14. Evan I think you may be an army of one dude. Horkey’s got us all pretty enamored here. 😀

  15. 80/100/800 pricepoints are completely valid. My only complaint is the odd 18×26 size. Hmmph! Good luck to all.

  16. love it! wish i had 800 bucks to get that gray one!

  17. Really into this print, but I honestly don’t see them making it online unless some are “reserved” for online sales or there is a limit on opening night.

    If/when they go live, I will be trying.

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