Tyler Stout’s “Let The Right One In” Poster (Lottery Info)

Tyler Stout is selling his “Let The Right One In” poster right now via an online lottery.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint and he has about 250 copies to sell total.  The regular will cost $45, the glow variant will cost $80.  The lottery ends today (Wednesday, September 1st) at 12pm PST. Visit Tyler’s blog.

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  1. And of course one of the times he uses a poster I own I am not at home to take a pic of it…booooo. Oh well, maybe I will get lucky. This poster is killer!

  2. I will win this. I will win this. Positive thoughts. I will win this.

  3. This piece is perfect. His best print since Il Grande Lebowski and The Thing!

  4. Man, I hope I get this. Having my Lebowski picture can only help me here. Good luck everyone.

  5. I LOVE this print, but I am a strong un-fan of the lottery process. I think I’m about 0 for 1000000 by now

  6. Not a fan of the lottery process either. First come, first served basis only. :)

  7. i’m sorry but this lottery idea sucks ass.
    I understand that he does this for everyone that WANTS the print to have a chance but this idea just turns me off.

  8. Just got my e-mail that my name got pulled! Regular edition for me. This thing is sweet.

    Note: There is also a 30″x40″ (UK poster size) version up. If I had $200 to spend, I would have gotten it.

  9. I also snagged one! I thought about it to long, should have just gotten the quad, ended up getting the Variant. Couldnt make up my mind on what to get.

  10. +1 Regular. So excited!

  11. I guess if I have not heard from him at this point, I was one of the unlucky ones. Sadness.

  12. i waffled back and forth as to whether i preferred the original or the GID … decided that the composition with the red blood truly completes the piece, and conveys the essence of the movie (this IS a movie poster after all!). and since this print was originally designed in the UK 30 x 40 quad format, that would simultaneously make the QUAD version the ‘original’ format, AND the most limited. total no brainer if you’re a Stout fan — and you’ve got the dough!

  13. Judging buy what I have read even Tyler is not over enamored with how the glow ink works on this one.

    I have all of my prints framed and 30×40 ‘quad size’ framed would be absolutely huge. With all that in mind I went for the regular ‘blood’ edition.

    Gorgeous print. I feel lucky to have been picked.

  14. Yeh, I just went back to the store to check out whats there and the Quads are back up, not sure what happened when i was ordering, so i emailed him to see if i can cancel my GID and grab the quad. Just to hard to pass it up. Hopefully it works out.

  15. GOT IT!

  16. -1 for me.
    Super woulda loved this but I’m glad to see some of you guys scored.
    Grats all you +1s! :)

  17. No email. Lottery is lame. Emek and him need to just throw it up and let us scrap for them.

  18. got picked. broke. bummed.

  19. Bummed that I didn’t get one. What sucks is now someone is flipping the poster on EBAY for 299.99?!!! Freakin’ BS…

  20. Got my Quad, Tyler rocks. First time I have won one of the raffles!

  21. @Baker: wow man went all out huh? You’ll have to share pics of what that thing looks like framed.

  22. Been using my link to go back and see how this is selling. Surprisingly the regular print is selling the fastest and ratio wise has fewer left than either of the variants.

    I’d imagine that an extra $155 for an extra couple of inches over the regular print seems a lot to most people.

  23. If you haven’t gotten an email yet, don’t give up hope…I just got my email, and got a regular edition that appeared to have about 50% availability left, and all the editions were still available.

  24. the regular looks a lot better than the variant. not surprised it is selling faster. and 200 for the quad is pretty steep. would have preferred a metal variant option.

  25. @Iron Jaiden: Yeh, originally I grabbed the variant, then kept looking at them and was wishing I had just bitten the bullet and done it. After buying the variant i really had wished I had gotten the regular. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do with something that big in my tiny apartment, but hopefully i will figure something out.

    $155 extra is alot for basically the same print, just way bigger, but i figure for how few there are, and how huge it is, I may as well just go big, literally.

  26. +1 My first Stout and a fantastic one at that (all his prints are)

    As for the lottery – I’m a BIG fan, not because I got a poster but because of where I live. Most Poster drops happen between 2am and 5am in Australia. I work and can’t stay up to that time and so usually miss out. I think a lottery makes it fair to anyone in the world who wants one of these artists prints not just people in their timezone.

    Just my 2 cents

  27. Correction: +1 Regular !!!
    I loved Tyler before this moment but for some reason I just fell a little deeper :)

  28. Nice Iron Jaiden!

  29. Congrats IJ, seems like some of them have still been trickling out after the fact, maybe he decided to sell more than originally or something. Either way, nice score!

  30. Congrats IJ. Great to see you got a print in the end. That’s Kama man!

  31. I got one!
    To be honest, i’m not a huge Stout fan. But I loved this film, and for once i think that Tylers style fits the mood of the film.

  32. So I guess I can stop checking my inbox now. The lottery is my enemy.

  33. Don’t give up just yet, there’s still availability of all variants. Maybe a few winners didn’t take a print in the end?

  34. Wooo hooo!!! I finally got my email around 9:00 pm. Totally pumped that the standard 24×36 was still left. :)

  35. Hey guys just a heads up Tyler’s opened up the sale to everyone for the remaining quads he’s got left.

    (regular and GID are sold out)

    If you got the bucks you know what to do. They won’t last the morning once the EB forum catches wind.

  36. trying to be a quad always the same error

    Sorry, “Let The Right One In 30×40 QUAD edition” couldn’t be added to your cart because the last one is currently being purchased by someone else.

    been like that for 10 minutes…really don’t like those lottery. I never win anything :)

  37. Nevermind….

    It finally worked….this is going to look INSANE in my living room !

  38. @Matt: Nice man congrats on the score! As funky as the lottery is I think it’s been the best way for Tyler to release posters he’s selling himself. I also know for a fact the only reason he does things the way he does is to try and make it fair for everyone. Dude’s super solid that way.
    I had a really nice email exchange with him yesterday and it looks like he’s going to maybe try something new in the future for drops. I’m looking forward to that :)

  39. @iron jaiden: I may not like lottery I agree that it’s the the way that makes it fair to everyone.

    Tyler is a nice guy and I know he’s trying to please everyone.

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