Three New Art Prints in Billy Perkins’ “77” Series

Billy Perkins just released the three newest prints in his “77” series, Ace Frehley, Elvis Costello, and Dee Dee Ramone.  They are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 77, and are $25 each.  Visit the Classifieds.

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  1. Officially one tenth of the project has been completed and we already have our first Ramones sighting! Keep ’em coming Billy! I am very pleased that I bought the whole set. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Any guesses?

  2. I kinda feel like these are just bad Shepard Fairey knock offs. Am I alone?

  3. They are using copy written images. so yes
    They live trace the image. yes again
    missing cool patterns and backgrounds. so no

    Better attention to details, I guess.
    At least no one looks like a cat or MJ.

    Not much artistry IMO

  4. Dudes, Lets not go over this again.

    See previous post about his first drop in the series.

    Billy is legit.

  5. legion- please do your research before posting your opinions as fact- thanks

  6. Wether they are facts or not, I tend to agree with Legion… they look (key word here) like bad live trace images. Like with Fairey, using your “legit” name to put out garbage which people with bad taste will buy is bad practice in my opinion.

    Also, this looks just like these prints I saw on Gigposter’s Classifieds a while back, a guy by the name Oliver Lake was selling them… he got flamed for the exact same thing.

  7. i think legion was actually stating facts that are easily seen just by looking at the prints. no it may not be live trace but it sure is one hell of a bad print. too many people think they can throw an image into an adobe product and make gold. these aren’t good at all and if you disagree please prove me wrong and tell me how these are artistically compelling.

  8. These are awesome. Keep up the great work BP!

  9. Billy is the bomb. And no, he doesn’t ‘live trace’.

  10. Dee Dee ! rules.

  11. livetrace or not, these prints are lousy.

  12. To be clear- you can argue opinions all day, but you cannot argue facts. You are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts. The FACT is- Billy does not livetrace. Whether you like the prints or not is totally up to you. But that is an opinion. Please people, be decent.

  13. For the record, the Mitch up above is not me.

  14. Billy Perkins is not only a legitimate artist. His work is all original, artist inspired images he created by hand. If you do not like the subject matter or color schemes, fine.

    Please respect the fact that this man is a talented artist who has studied professionally and sells only the finest quality art he can produce. He has high, professional standards.

    I know the man personally. He’s a warm and gracious human being. Y’all do likewise. K?

  15. Great work Billy!

    And to you idiots out there… I personally have watched Billy DRAW FREEHANDED his posters while playing with his dog and drinking Green Tea. He doesn’t know, nor use, nor needs, nor cares what Livetrace is. That is a FACT.

    Show some respect for one of the most respected and award winning poster artist in the nation.

    Of course you morons would probably scream that Hendrix relies on pedals and sound effects to achive his “sound,” and call him an overproduced studio hack.

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