Alphabet Print by Burlesque Design (4th Edition Onsale Info)

The fourth edition of Mike Davis’ Alphabet art print is set to be released tomorrow.  It’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint for $30.  The “color your own” version will be $25.  They go up tomorrow (Thursday, September 2nd) at 2pm CST.  Visit

4 Responses to “Alphabet Print by Burlesque Design (4th Edition Onsale Info)”

  1. it seems without horkey burlesque has run out of ideas. bring on the reprints and test prints

  2. F = Female?

    Me and the girlfriend have had a long time disagreement about R. She says “runner”, I say “rapper”. He does have the kicks after all…

  3. Nah, DUDE

    They have been pumping out some new Arcade Fire prints that have been rad.

    If you check their blog it seems they have been busy with projects.
    Posters or not, good for them.

    “run out of ideas” pffffffffffffffttttttt

  4. I like the Richard Scarey apple 🙂

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