“Hoth” Art Print by Dan McCarthy (Onsale Info)

The next poster in the Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars series has just been unveiled, and it should cause quite a frenzy.  Dan McCarthy’s’ “Hoth” is a 12″ x 36″ screenprint with an edition of 475.  It goes up tomorrow (Friday, August 20th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the image for a MUCH larger view:

44 Responses to ““Hoth” Art Print by Dan McCarthy (Onsale Info)”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and the Series thus far. That being said, I think this is the weakest print of the series. Looks like any other McCarthy winter scene, with very little to do with the and of the actual movies themselves. Big let down in my opinion.

  2. I’ll go ahead and say I feel the opposite as Kushmeja.
    +1 the shit outta this one for me.

  3. Yeah what a great choice for the series. I think this works.

  4. I agree with Kushmeja. If you take out the droid, it’s just an ordinary, theatrical mountain scene. It could be from LotR for all I care.

  5. I like the smoke trails in the sky from additional probe droids landing on Hoth.

  6. All I’m gonna say to those who aren’t feelin this one is right on you guys. You just saved yourselves some money and made this drop easier for the rest of us.
    Win / Win!
    Gracias :)

  7. Agreed – this works so well because it is so subtle. Much better than his Lost poster which tried too hard to incorporate too many references to the source material, in my opinion.

  8. I think it’s a cool idea, but for some reason it doesn’t feel very Hothy.

  9. Well for those that don’t want it, if you want to grab one for me that’s cool with me. I’m on my way to the wilderness for the weekend.

  10. @Baker: I’d hook you up in a second if this weren’t getting framed in my living room :)

  11. +1 for me… awesome!

  12. It’d be cool if they got Dan to do a poster like this for every/planet setting from the trilogy.

  13. So sick.

  14. So far this is the best one IMO but with my luck I’ll be in a meeting when it drops.
    Oh well, thems the breaks I guess. Happy hunting.

  15. Oh man, this is great. I love the subtlety. I’ve been trying to wait and just buy one or two prints from this series, but hopefully this will be the first one.

  16. I love it, really, though I hope it’s not the only Empire-themed print they end up with. Whether or not I’ll get it… well, if I happen to catch it at the right time, I’ll go for it. If not, c’est la vie.

  17. @superduper: The last print by Hanuka was also from Empire.

  18. this is so fantastic. please an early or late drop since i´ll be on the road between 11am pacific time an 2pm pacific time, please ! great stuff mr mccarthy

  19. If not framed, how do you guys store your 12×36 prints? I got a Lost World print still sitting in a tube. And this Hoth print is calling my name! Itoya doesn’t make one right?

  20. no storing here.this will go straight to the wall.

  21. @3d. two words. flat file.

  22. Curse Michaels and their 11 3/4 x 36 frames! I’m getting this on the wall even if I have to custom frame it.

  23. I want this, but i’m already out of the running as I can’t log into my account on Mondotees.

  24. I didnt like it at first, but it is growing on me. It will look nice framed next to my lost world McCarthy print.

  25. It’s up.
    Get in where you fit in boppers!


  26. +1

    Couldn’t resist.

  27. +1! LOVE

  28. +1 yay…what did these go up at a quarter to? stepped in the kitchen for a minute and came back to see they were up…sneaky mondo lol

  29. +1

  30. 11:38am CST

  31. and GONE!

  32. Gone. Hoth damn that was fast! 😛

  33. Can’t believe I missed it. Just happened to drop as we were driving through a dead zone!

  34. Damn, I went out to lunch with co-workers thinking I’d be safe. Stupid slow co-workers dragging lunch out to an hour and a half instead of just 1.

  35. +1! Very excited. My first McCarthy.

  36. Missed it by 20 minutes. I guess the Empire pillowcase I have hanging will have to stay there for now. Hey, it’s set on Hoth!

    @Iron Jaiden, yeah, I forgot about that one. It was the first that I saw from the series and it didn’t really grab me… probably cuz I was looking at it on my phone and didn’t notice the awesome subtleties, namely Darth Vader’s face. So basically I just hope that ALL of them hare Empire-based. :)

  37. gah, these star wars posters have been such a disappointment. so bland..goes to show you suckers will buy anything that is even remotely related to star wars…PASS

  38. That’s right bigby, very perceptive. No way in this world could your definition of good art is different than anyone else’s. We’re just danglin off of lucas’s weener and I can’t seem to break free!!! Aiiiieeeeee!!!!!!!

  39. Hey, look on the bright side…Bigby’s prints have all been masterpieces. He has the right to bag on other stuff, have you seen his stuff? It’s awesome. It gives his opinion unmatched credibility.

  40. I also kinda love it when people jump in like 4 hours after a thing has sold out and shout at the top of their lungs that they’ll be passing. Like fool you didn’t have the option to +1 if you wanted to.
    I think them grapes might be sour!

  41. i have to agree with bigby, lot in this series have been on the weak side. Most of these prints could of been taken straight from a starwars comic book and blown up.. fact is becuz its starwars it sells out, it could be an entire black poster called night on endor and it would sell out.

  42. @justin: see my problem isn’t that some of you guys aren’t keen on the series. That’s totally cool. One man’s treasure and all that. My problem is that you guys like to say things like “fact is becuz its starwars it sells out”. Fact is? Fact? I’m not sure that word means what you think it means. Try something like “In my completely unsubstantiated opinion…” or “based on what my tummy tells me..” or even just goddamn “atmo..” would do. FACT is your opinion is not indeed “fact” at all, dig?

  43. Damn, this is the first print I missed in the last 4 months. Oh well.

  44. What size frame do you get for this? The standard poster frame is 11 3/4 x 36. Do I have to have one made?

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