Shepard Fairey’s Woody Guthrie Print (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will return to his portrait series with this new one of Woody Guthrie.  Formatted like the painting it’s based on, this is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $60.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, August 19th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. might need this.

  2. This print looks great. If I only knew who he was.

  3. it’s too bad shep can’t even cut his own paper now, he’s got us doing it for him…

  4. Now I know how my dad felt when I asked who the hell Oliver Wendell Holmes was.

  5. Man, this is great. Don’t see much related to Woody these days.

  6. Cost is $65

    And if you don’t know who Woody is then use the internets to learn

  7. @3d: please tell us you’re just being obtuse. There are a handful of artists EVERYONE should familiarize themselves with as a matter of civic duty. Woody Guthrie is one such artist.

  8. is the gap at the bottom part of the print? looks good like that

  9. @Jamie: The gap at the bottom is how the print will actually be printed from what I read.

    “This print reflects the format of the Woody Guthrie painting it is based upon. The print is on 18×24 paper and will be signed and numbered just below the bottom border of the printed area… allowing the purchaser to choose between a standard (more affordable) 18×24 frame, or trimming the excess paper below the signature and custom framing the print.”

    And I actually also like this one, I am normally not much of a fan of his but i dig this one and the artist.

  10. hmmmm.. Not so weak.. Oh wait.. Still pretty fu cking weak.. The GAP ON BOTTOM IS HORRIBLE..

    @ IJ- LOL, obtuse.. A little Shawshank quotation there Jaiden.. ..

  11. In my 37 years of life i have never heard of this person named Woody Guthrie.

    Woody Harrelson? YES.
    Woody from Toy Story? YES.
    Woody Woodpecker? YES.

    But not Woody Guthrie. I really don’t care too much. I skimmed the wiki page. OK. An old folk singer. I can see why I’ve never heard of him. I think the image is great though!

  12. Not just an old folk singer but THEE old folk singer. The man was punk rock wayyyyyy before it existed. An important American icon for many reasons.

  13. @Pete: I’ll look him up on YouTube tonight.

  14. Woody Guthrie is the American folk singer OF American folk singers. He mentored Bob Dylan and wrote “This Land is Your Land”. Many people credit him with reviving folk in America. If you haven’t heard of Woody Guthrie, but listen to Bob Dylan, I strongly suggest hearing his music to have an instant awesome session.

  15. I thought it was Sean Penn

    Woody is the man

  16. Sean Penn?

  17. Dropped for the those interested…

  18. listed at $65

  19. anyone know what “canvas print” means?

  20. Thank You for featuring this print on your website. I’m not a big fan of Shepard’s work but this is a great piece.

    Guthrie is an American legend and it is great to see that he is still inspiring artists today. Tom Joad would have loved this. I just ordered one.

  21. This isn’t print there talking about!It is off Woody site for 100th BirthDay!t is 100$ and been on sale for about 2 weeks! It is going out tomorrow!the 1st!

  22. Man I can’t spell but it doesn’t matter reading the idiot post from people that are probably in the 99% that don’t even know most of the song’s that are going on for 99% come from WOODY!UR freaking idiots!I’ll look on YOU TUBE? WTF is wrong with America? You go Shepard this was Bob Dilan of the 70’s ,GHR of the 80’s, Lenny K, of the 90’s and
    wait the new generation is a bunch of idiots and I don’t even think they hVE A IDIOL BECAUSE THERE ALL AT HOME WATCHING PORN ON THE INTERNET OR YOU TUBE!


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