Olly Moss’ 2010 Rolling Roadshow Poster Series

Hopefully you bothered to stop by this weekend, this is some big news.  Olly Moss was asked to create advertising images for nine of the shows on the upcoming 2010 Alamo Drafthouse / Levi’s Rolling Roadshow tour.  This tour is going to be huge, be sure to hit up a show if there’s one in your area.  Not much is known about these, so for now, just sit back and enjoy the art.  Cheers!

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  1. So for us internationals, will these be up for sale on a site soon or are they an in-house sort of thing only?

  2. I get that they’re advertising but will they ever be for sale from an online store?

  3. The Jackie Brown, Dirty Harry and On The Waterfront pieces are freaking awesome! The horrible Levis logo on the posters bothers me though.

  4. Dirty Harry, There Will Be Blood, Robocop and Rocky… genius

  5. I’m going for Blues Brothers and There WIll Be Blood. If they ever actually sell these!


  7. I will be at the screening of TWBB and I hope that poster will be for sale at the event.

  8. re: qube

    Apparently not. Very sad.

  9. That’s a shame. I’d really like to have that TWBB. Thanks for Saturday posting, Mitch.

  10. These are awesome. Wish it would come closer to me

  11. While these may not be available online anytime soon remember Olly has made available other non-prints before (Alice in Wonderland, Die Hard, Deer Hunter, etc..).
    Here’s hoping the same happens here.
    Or we just get a straight up print release :)

  12. Amazing! The best design I’ve seen in a long while

  13. I haven’t been keeping up on the Mondo blog, but in the past they have held a few from each screening for online sales. The artists have also retained some for sale as well.
    these are dope. I was hoping Jay Ryan would do the Blues Brothers poster, but Olly’s style works well for so many of these. There Will Be Blood looks like the best of the bunch (even though I found the movie utterly boring).

    great job on this…cudos to Olly, Mondo & Mitch!

  14. ROBOCOP @ the Russell!! OMG i will be there!!!

  15. Lovin’ the Robocop

  16. ‘olio fino’ not ‘oilo fino’

  17. Brilliant solution for the PT Anderson film…

  18. It would just be cruel to get Olly to design these and then not actually print them for us.

  19. While they are all beautiful and meaningful, two stand out and are pure brilliance from a graphic design point of view: Dirty Harry and Rocky.
    Major hat tip!

  20. I spoke too soon. Make that three, actually. There will be blood!

  21. Wow, I really like a lot of these. I guess my personal hope is that they put them all up at once whenever/if they sell some online and then hopefully all of us can atleast get one of the ones we want.

    Great news for the weekend!

  22. The There Will Be Blood poster is very clever, but sorta wrong thematically for the movie.

    On the other hand, the poster for The Blues Brothers is spot on.

    That’s just in terms of “movie posters”, of course. They’re all pretty wonderful in terms of “art”.

  23. Well just saw over on EB that Mitch said that IF any of these are ever released they will probably just be at the shows…thats unfortunate.

  24. As much as I can appreciate Olly’s ability to pull off these design in such a minimalist, paul bass-style I am pretty much over it at this point.

    Very disappointed that Mondo would have ALL(?) Roadshow posters done by a single artist. I buy to display and I cannot imagine framing any of these (with the possible exception of Rocky)

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  26. Well whoopty-do, good for you mk, you’re pretty much over it.

  27. These are up as thumbnails for the trailers at trailers.apple.com

    Beautiful work. It was startling to see them in such a mainstream space.

  28. Wonderful artwork, but may I ask, why always orange?

  29. Got any other colors?

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  32. What’s with the flood of goofballs in the comments all of a sudden? Did OMG get linked on 4chan or something? :(

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  35. I finally noticed the face in the Dirty Harry poster after looking at it a half dozen times. nicely done.

  36. So one’s a “goofball” if one doesn’t think these are the second coming of Picasso? I guess the “Inception” madness proved that some people can only stand a culture of affirmation, where the only acceptable thing one can say is “way to go!”

  37. Curious to know what you mean by that Petey. I mean thematically it seems pretty spot on..

  38. OK, I get the orange now … the Alamo Drafthouse sign … I’m not a local.

  39. These are all really great. I wont be in town for the Robocop screening :(

  40. I’m with the rest of you guys I want to get my hands on a there will be blood print.

    Let’s hope they put some extras for sale up online

  41. Amazing designs. Now, just waiting for the screenings.

  42. robocop, rocky, and there will be blood :O DO WANT!

  43. Wow. wow. wow. LOVE the dirty harry, robocop, and rocky prints!

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  46. Olly Moss… is there anything he can’t do?

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  49. via OMG Posters! » Archive » Olly Moss’ 2010 Rolling Roadshow Poster Series…

    via OMG Posters! » Archive » Olly Moss’ 2010 Rolling Roadshow Poster Series…

  50. Great designs, too much orange.
    Limit’s their expression.

  51. iTunes Movie Trailers is using Olly Moss posters.. !! check out http://trailers.apple.com/

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  53. Well, for starters–he can’t design a lame poster.

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  55. AW DAMN, those are really clever and well designed. That is a great series. I am happy just to see them and be inspired.

  56. some of these are outstanding!

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  58. Escape From New York!!! Escape From New York!!! Escape From New York!!! Escape From New York!!! Escape From New York!!! Escape From New York!!!

  59. Please.

  60. Is there a reason that movie poster design these days seems to be exclusively horrendous for posters put out by major studios, and Saul Bass ripoffs for posters considered good made for more independent things like this. Additionally no one seems to mind, tribute and influence are one thing but that, this is not. http://www.google.com/images?q=saul+bass+poster

    Note specifically the arm used in one of his most famous posters, “The Man With The Golden Arm,” and several of his other early posters.

  61. These are all incredible.

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  66. Robocop is awesome!

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  69. We can’t wait for the Rolling Road Show to hit our town this weekend! They’re playing Convoy and Red Dawn – both filmed in tiny Las Vegas, New Mexico. Come on into town and enjoy the show!

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  73. Just bought two full sets at Jackie Brown. The Blues Brothers did not make print however. They are numbered and will not be re-printed. They are beautiful, silked on to some really nice thick paper.

  74. i’m really suprised none of theve have popped up on ebay yet. Where does it even say that these will be @ the events ?

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  76. I’ve never seen a larger display of Saul Bass rip offs in my life

    isn’t there any original designers left out there?

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  81. They’re selling these at the movie showings themselves, and they have all the prints. Most were $40, some were $35. Edition sizes varied, but Rocky, and I think Robocop and another one or two were 350; others were less than that. Oh, and I picked up two copies of Rocky :)

  82. Oh no! I was out of town the weekend that Dirty Harry was playing… Do you think they’ll sell the posters anywhere else?

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  84. Come on !
    Tell us guys from Europe where we can find those !

  85. i dissliked Traci Howenstine comment

  86. Awesome work. The Blues Brothers one is a keeper!

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