“Father: Encounter on Dagobah” Star Wars Print by Tomer Hanuka (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will drop the newest print in their Star Wars series later today.  Tomer Hanuka’s “Father: Encounter on Dagobah” is a 17″ x 25″ screenprint with an edition of 350.  Here is what Tomer had to say about the image:  

“The central idea going into this image was depicting planet Dagobah itself as a portrait of Luke’s subconscious in it’s most interesting and unformed phase. In a nightmarish sequence, Luke runs into the mist where he thinks he saw Vader. Luke finds him and a lightsaber duel ends with Vader’s decapitation . The mask cracks open on the severed head, exposing the frozen face of a dead Luke Skywalker. The suggestion here is that somewhere within Luke’s psyche there is a potential for ultimate evil. Luke’s greatest challenge isn’t the Galactic Empire and it’s endless, faceless troopers, but the magnetism of the dark side; the seductive idea of choosing his own potential for power over everything else.”

This goes up today (Thursday, July 29th) at a random time.  Keep your eyes on Mondotees.com.

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  1. Well, this time I am firmly planted at my desk and wont be going to lunch until this drops. When i saw the picture on Slash last night i didnt really dig it, but seeing the entire image later last night made me really dig it.

    Also the explanation from Tomer really helps just kind of clarify why the image looks the way it does. I also love the Vader worked into the trees, looks great! Also I like a slightly smaller size on this one.

    Good luck everyone!

  2. I concur with Baker here.
    Took a minute but I really like what Tomer did with this one.
    The Vader trees make the piece for me. If this looks anything like his Warriors print does up close it’s gonna be gorgeous.
    Stoked this drops a day before payday. Paypal takes a day to hit the bank account so I won’t be dipping into grocery money this week :)

  3. I agree with both u guys (baker and iron jaiden) and i love Tomer’s explanation of the piece, but i have one issue… When Luke does this (goes into the mist) isnt Yoda on the ground warning him?.. Isnt he only on Lukes back during the training sessions? Guess its just a technicality.. Love the Vader Trees..

  4. Tomer kills it again.

  5. I think Yoda is still on his back when he first notices the tree, then he puts him down and and starts asking questions about it. This is an amazing print, I’m glued to my computer.

  6. @natron: yeah that was one of those details I noticed too. I like the imagery so much though I’m gonna pretend it’s an intentional departure and having Yoda physically strapped to his back is a metaphor for Yoda’s ever present watchfulness of his new apprentice.
    (it’ll sound good when proper geeks point that out in my living room :) )

  7. @Iron jaiden: I like your explanation, ill be stealing that if I am ever asked about that haha.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw4CfOrjLWY&feature=youtube_gdata

    I think if you want to get technical about it, Yoda is still on Luke’s back as they are approaching the dark side cave. Although, sure, Yoda is not on his back when he actually goes into teh cave…

  9. @just me: haha nice detective work man. Of course we wanna get technical about it! That’s what being a geek is all about :)

  10. it’s certainly not my favorite thing he’s ever done, but he’s pretty much like pizza, even the bad is good. i LOVE hearing the explanation, i wish more artists would do that a little more if it doesn’t take too much away from my own enjoyment/interpretation

  11. Things are happening….

  12. uuggh what a tease! Just drop already!!!

  13. +1 Woohoo

  14. YOUR “CLICK HERE TO BUY” LINK HAS FAILED ME A 2ND TIME……And dont tell me its MY browser.

  15. +1! (I think… still sitting at “processing payment”)

  16. +1

  17. +1 *whew* at least it was an early-ish drop so I can be productive the rest of the day

  18. +1

  19. +1!

  20. done and done.

  21. sorted….3 for 3 so far…

  22. Yeah it went through, just hung at the progress bar for a bit.
    High five all you 3 for 3ers!

  23. @Tony: Yeh, the link in the email didnt work for me either, but if you just chopped out the junk part of the URL it took you to the product, thats all I did.

  24. Well 3 for 3 so far. I hope I get the entire series, because my friend will go nuts when I give her these posters for her birthday next year.

  25. +1 Wish it was the same size as the other two… guess I’ll mat it!

  26. Picked this one up but didn’t get the other 2 so far. Looking forward to Stout’s one.

  27. 3 for 3, and my smoothest transaction yet. The changes to the cart system have greatly improved the process. I know they have been in place now for a couple of drops but still want to give credit where it is due.

  28. Yeah that was smooth as silk, which is becoming the norm (even for crazy shit like the Olly Star Treks). Very cool Justin.
    20 left in stock says the twitter. I give it 5 more minutes and we conclude another awesome week for prints. :)

  29. Haha by 5 minutes I meant 5 seconds. Gone and gone.

  30. I’m 3 for 3!

  31. +1 Beautiful!

  32. This one was gone in about 30 mins, I am imagining a print by Stout, Danger, Moss, or McCarthy would be a crazy dash to get them. Hopefully I can manage to stay on top of these

  33. +1 so psyched, not sure where I’m going to put it though :O

  34. Erm – am I the only person in the world not feeling this?

    Apparently. Horses for course innit…

  35. I got my first, but great as it is, I really would prefer to collect the Star Trek. does anyone want to swap my “Encounter On Dagobah” for Star Trek Space Seed or the Tribbles posters or even the Moon Variant?

  36. shit i just noticed Darth Vader there in the back! amazing.

  37. It is nice to see someone’s lack of originality mesh so well with their lack of artistic talent.

  38. I with you Mat P. I don’t get all the hype over this print. Its okay at best IMO.

  39. i was so excited when i heard about this star wars line…they really haven’t pushed the envelope with what they where given. these have been disappointing.

  40. man you guys will buy whatever is shoved down your throats, even these lame star wars posters

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