New Intaglio Prints by Daniel Danger and Leah Allen-Costa

Six months in the making, Justin Myer Staller’s new Harborcoatpress has just launched two new art prints by Daniel Danger and Leah Allen-Costa.  Daniel Danger’s “Where Ashes Take the Form of Houses” is a 28″ x 48″ intaglio print, has an edition of 50, and $300.  Leah Allen-Costa’s “Self Portrait” 24″ x 31.5″ intaglio print for $75.  Visit their shop.

Click the images for a larger view:

19 Responses to “New Intaglio Prints by Daniel Danger and Leah Allen-Costa”

  1. Gorgeous. In case anyone doesn’t know this is the art DD used for Aloha’s new album “Home Acres”. If you don’t already have that one it’s the perfect summertime record, even if we are at the end of July already 🙂

  2. That really is pretty amazing looking. I love me some DD, but dont have the scratch together to get something like that on top of my other regular buys. Must mean I need a new job.

    @IJ I knew he used it for some album, but wasnt sure who it was, thanks for the heads up.

  3. The Daniel Danger is really nice but I can’t imagine anyone buying that horse one

  4. pass on both.
    ouch 300 bones!

  5. Yow. This 4 foot intaglio print is a monster. I wouldn’t even know where to store it. Seems like a waste to pay $300 and leave it in the tube.

  6. A little rich for my blood at the moment, but beautiful none the less

  7. 3d, store it on your wall!

  8. i will regret not buying this.

  9. Some people who comment here seem to miss important things. The asking cost for these prints is completely justified. Intaglio printing is labour-intensive and precision is required to get the final piece just right.

  10. amazing –

  11. @13 No one said the price isnt worth it. Trust me I would really like to own it. But at the time I dont have 300 bones to spend on a print. If I did, trust me, I would pick one up.

  12. They haven’t said it outright, but it’s obvious.

  13. assuming makes an ass out you and me

    ass + u + me

    And yes i wouldn’t pay 300 for this piece.
    Maybe one of another subject, but this is just a little too boring for me to shell out 300

  14. this is absolutely beautiful in person. the detail on the daniel poster is fantastic.

  15. Love this print and I’m not scared by the price of it all…as others have said the labor to produce these is substantial.

    What does scare me away from purchasing it is the conversation that I’d have with my framer who would struggle to frame this properly for less than $500.

  16. Whatever you say.

  17. @13: no need to pick fights dude. Whether the print is made with etched plates or goddamn butterfly wings dipped in a squid’s butthole and flapped over white truffles, $300 is too much money for some people to spend on art today.
    I’m pretty sure we all agree this is beautiful work. Us workin stiffs gotta admire from afar though, dig? 🙂

  18. yeah it’s a lot of bucks, understandably, but i hope that everyone who picked one up will really love it, up close they are amazing. I purposely made the paper size what it is so people have freedom when framing or presenting in their homes to adjust things. I know you guys don’t like that but IT”S OKAY TO TEAR IT DOWN and put it in a nice frame…

  19. i think i….yep, my pants are wet.

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