Olly Moss’ “The Trouble With Tribbles” Star Trek Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will continue their Star Trek series with this new print by Olly Moss later this week.  “The Trouble With Tribbles” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint.  Spock has an edition of 350, Uhura has an edition of 190.  Both go up Friday, July 23rd at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

EDIT:  Long Gone.

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  1. Alright everybody alright. Just hold tight on Friday until I say go, cool? :)

  2. I will be in the office on that day so i will probably give it a go for them. Olly can really do no wrong right now, another great one from him in my opinion.

  3. I will be going for both! Gotta have the set.

  4. They look amazing!

    Any pricing info?

  5. I would probably guess 50 and 80 for pricing

  6. I would venture a guess; sold out before i even wake up..

  7. I’m going to be at Comic Con, so I will probably miss these. I wish they had gone up this morning instead.

  8. re: Baker

    I hope not. That seems really high for the size/ edition.

  9. That’s awesome one of my favorite episodes and a print by an artist I’ve been meaning to get something by. Love Olly’s style.

  10. Based on the Cost of the star wars prints being 50, it wouldn’t really surprise me. Maybe the variant is a bit cheaper than 80, but not by much. I’m just guessing though, I really have no idea heh n

  11. @Baker: Star Wars prints are 24×36, this one is 18×24. I’d be shocked if they were more than $40 and $55 respectively.

  12. Whoops, you gentlemen are correct. I probably should have known that seeing as I own both star wars ones. Even though sadly my Kinsey is singed a little, hopefully I can get that taken care of though.

  13. no more wall space, and I’ve already got Space Seed which is gorgeous. unless Tyler Stout shows up I can’t really see myself buying anymore Trek prints.

  14. Bahhh, now Im in the field on friday and wont be at my desk for the drop. If anyone grabs both and wants to sell me one, I would much appreciate.

  15. I’ll take a shot for you Baker

  16. We got your back baker :)

  17. “The only thing worse than a Star Wars nerd, is a Star Trek nerd.”
    -Martin Luther King Jr.

  18. Man, Spock or Uhura? Decisions, decisions…

  19. Uhura is better-looking.

  20. I think everyone’s gonna go for the Uhura first because of the 190 count so I’m just gonna try and get in, grab a Spock, then go back for Uhura if there’s any left.

  21. LAUNCH FAIL….. http://www.mondotees.com/error.asp?error=89&catalogid=137&prdinc=1

  22. Got an Uhura!

  23. Uhura come to papa….blimey that was easy….

  24. +2
    Good times :)

  25. Got ’em both!

  26. Damn! Uhura sold out already.

  27. Got my Spock!

  28. Uhura gone. Spock still available

  29. aaaaand they’re all gone.

  30. rats! just missed it!

    anyone puchase extras they’d be willing to pass on?

  31. All sold out.
    Wow that was quick. Congrats all you boppers that got in!

    Soooo… who’s gonna give up one of their +2s to Baker? :)

  32. Anybody manage to snag one I can buy? It’s been a bad day with work and then I almost made it back for the drop, but not quite.

  33. holy crap…random luch out with co-workers and I missed out… *le sigh* I can’t believe I forgot to check on my phone while I was out.

  34. Justin’s gonna have a couple available at Mondo tonight for the Trek party. I know a couple of you monkeys live in Austin.

  35. wow I was checking the site all morning, that thing sold out quick, sheesh.

  36. Anyone ever check their order history at Mondo and add up all the dollars this year? Since the site redesign (feb) I’ve cleared over $600 there!
    Jesus, I need to start selling meth.

  37. 14 Spock and 7 ohura up on ebay already.

  38. I just missed it.

  39. If there are multiple +2s out there that don’t have a strong attachment to both, i’d also like to throw my hat into the ring… Hit me up at justvisiting9 AT gmail

  40. @ReverndMilo: well yeah man it’s a flipper’s market to be sure. I see shit on the bay before it even sells out sometimes.
    Can’t blame em though. If I bought the last carrot at the grocery and someone stopped me on the way out of the store and offered me a hundred bucks for it you best believe they’d be eatin carrot soup that evening :)

  41. If anyone did manage to grab one for me, tim.t.baker @ gmail.com. Nottt really expecting to hear anything though haha. Contests to those that got em.

  42. @Baker: lemme confer with the wife when I get home and I’ll hit you up :)

  43. Yep IJ,
    just pointing to them for those that missed.

  44. @Iron Jaiden Thanks very much man, always cool to see other folks trying to help out others who have never even met. Cheers!

  45. I like the Spock version. When do these go on sale?

  46. Lol @3d.

  47. @Baker: of course man. Gotta run it by the wife first (she said she wants to frame both) but I’ll let you know tonight for sure.

    @3d: either you’re being funny or just decided to skip reading the comments :)

  48. @Baker: Spock is yours (wife wants to keep the Uhura). I’ll toss you an email as soon as I get a computer that doesn’t block my ability to do that :)

  49. @Iron Jaiden: Thanks very much man. Really appreciate it….tell your wife thanks too!!

  50. I’m really surprised they chose Uhura w/ the red to be the shorter print run. I think Spock w/ the blue would be the more desired print in the long run.

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