Crazy 4 Cult Paintings and Prints at Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988’s biggest show of the year, Crazy 4 Cult, just opened over the weekend.  Since I was away from the computer over the weekend, I am just getting around to posting it now, but there are still tons of awesome prints and paintings available.  For the paintings, click HERE, for the prints, click HERE.

4 Responses to “Crazy 4 Cult Paintings and Prints at Gallery 1988”

  1. Scored a Tan BTTF, very stoked on that.
    I can’t believe that Tong Rushmore hasn’t sold out yet though. Absolutely beautiful print. I think Kevin’s got some detailed GID pics up at his site.

  2. I cant decide if I want the Rushmore print or not. Not even sure if its still available. I love the movie but just not sure if i have the coin for it right now. Lots of great stuff there though for sure.

  3. Yes, the Rushmore print is still in stock. Metallic and glow in the dark inks!! Get it now!

  4. Just picked up the Shaun of the Dead print which looks amazing. Loved the movie and love the design. Zombies RULE

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