“Raider” Star Wars Print by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)

The next print in The Alamo Drafthouse’s Star Wars series is by Dave Kinsey, and it’s looking really awesome.  “Raider” is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and will be $50.  It goes up today (Thursday, July 8th) at a random time.  Expect it to disappear fast.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. Im going for the full set, nice to see Kinsey get in on some of these, I liked his old stuff a lot

  2. Holy hell. There goes this week’s groceries too :(

  3. Glad I passed on other prints this week.

  4. are people going to purchase this Kinsey to complete their Star Wars set or because they actually like it?
    I love Kinsey, especially his ‘not a gun’ print… but, this one… bare w/ me since I am not a SW fan… the metal tubes resembling horns and all the silver devices sticking out of his head seem to be almost ‘floating’… not attached to the subject’s face.
    don’t know… lately, it seems like fans remain fans (of series/artists) no matter what they throw at them.

  5. @Jesus: I know what you’re talking about but that’s just part of Kinsey’s style really. He almost always places clean line illustration on top of heavily “painted” backgrounds. I this case his background is the Tusken Raider’s cloth wrapped head and the illustrative bits are the biomechanical bits. If it were a white eyed old man it’d look spot on for a Kinsey.
    I love it myself.

  6. thanks iron j… always a pleasure to read yr. comments.

  7. If I were a fan of this series, the only thing I’d be wary about is the size. Some of these are too big to frame up and fit in a room, especially considering this is a series (meaning there are more large posters to come).

    Besides that, I like the variety of artists and the unusual art (and topics) that has come from it.

  8. This really is going to be a great and unique series.

  9. @13 I know what you mean about them being large, and frankly I have no idea what I am going to do with them, since, frankly right now I dont even have the money to really frame them. But since I am a pretty die hard Star Wars fan, I will try to snag them just for posterity’s sake.

  10. i agree on the variety…
    kinsey doing SW, who would’ve thought?

    and also on the size… i have NOTLD (same size 24 x 36), and it doesn’t even fit inside my portfolio. so, either buy it to frame it or get a flat file…

  11. Yes, smaller posters would have been much better.

    Except for chewey, make him huge!

  12. A certain link from a certain email isn’t working for me……

  13. Yeah, email says they’re up, but they’re not. Should be soon! F5!

  14. +1

  15. Boom! Got one!

  16. http://www.mondotees.com/product.asp?itemid=134

  17. I don’t really get the point of going for a full set. Especially if you know you can’t display them all. I love star wars, and I like Kinsey but I don’t like this print much. But that’s just me. I’m hoping for a killer one I have to own sooner or later.

  18. I now own this! YESSSS

  19. +1

    Anyone else notice the nice and streamlined checkout process?
    Very cool Justin! *high five*

  20. I got mine. And yeh, for the time being they will have to just go in the flatfile cause they wont fit in any of my portfolios.

    Either way, I’m happy with them. This is to me like the Lost series was to some people. Granted I got some of the Lost prints, but only the ones i really liked. For this though for my love of the movies it is worth going after the whole set simply cause I want them all.

  21. has it been mentioned anywhere how many posters the set will be comprised of?

  22. Yeah, the checkout process was a lot smoother and had less steps. God job Justin!

  23. @kh: I don’t believe so. I’m hoping 8 max or this is gonna get really expensive for some of us :)

  24. Gone!
    Hot damn that was quick.
    If Stout does Empire I suspect Mondo’s hosting facility will catch fire.

  25. yay managed to get this too, and my droid just arrived today hehe

  26. Let me start by saying I grew up being a huge Star Wars fan. The size and intensity of these prints is crazy though. I’m not sure I could tastefully display them in my place. Maybe if they weren’t art prints and were more movie poster looking with text, but I’m sure the LucasFilm legal stranglehold would never let that happen.

  27. Had one at checkout but I didn’t want to break any hearts and wasn’t thrilled by this one…good luck to anybody going for the full set.

    If someone DID manage to frame up all of them, I bet the display would be amazing.

  28. couldve had one but passed. spent too much money already on toys this week. congrats to the +1s out there. i did notice getting to the poster was smoother. Nice work Justin!

  29. Yikes Tony passed!
    So is it just me and Baker in for the whole series now?
    Stupid big ass Star Wars prints. I swear this is gonna end up the nerdiest shrine to being a nerd ever.

  30. I’m hoping to get the entire series because I’m giving all these prints to my friend as a gift for their birthday next year. She’s obviously a huge Star Wars fan. If I can’t get them all, then no big deal. But I’m 2 for 2 so far. I know, I’m a great friend.

  31. If they hit 24″ x 36″ exactly, I’m not sure what the fretting is all about. You can get a frame that size in any craft store for $50 or less.

  32. @Mitch: thing is they almost never are. Gonk is like a half inch too tall, Space Seed was about a half inch wide. Once you break the 24×36 barrier you’re looking at custom framing. I prefer the smaller sizes myself. You can fit more on the wall and even if they don’t fit perfectly in a standard frame I can cut a matt and make it happen.
    A couple months back we were talking about this same thing. I recommend those who want to frame anything larger than 24×36 to try getting a nice thick sheet of plastic cut at any local plastic supply house to the exact size of your print, get some foamcore cut down to the same size at your local art supply house, and buy one of the very inexpensive framing kits that will pinch all four corners just right. I’ve done it many times and it looks great.
    Also the re-frame frames that are amongst the blinking ads to the right of this post actually work great and don’t cost much.

  33. @Iron Jaiden For some reason I am willing to bet there are a lot more people going after the full set than we know about, but for now good luck to us haha. Just hoping they take a break again from them and dont release one next week when I am camping in the Adirondacks.

    For the time being I am not worried about framing these bad boys. Right now there is a long list of things to be framed.

  34. @iron jaiden: Yeah I was pretty bummed about Gonk and the UHF poster is the same way. Dunno what the deal with that is. The Ansin Wolfman was a perfect 24 x 36.

  35. looks like he got creative directed by Lucas! Bummer Kinsey.

  36. Are you saying that Gonk is too large to fit in an off-the-shelf 24×36 frame? That’s a bummer. Mine hasn’t arrived yet, but I ordered the new one today and so far I’m two for two with plans to hold onto that perfect record. But if these things have to be custom framed at that size, I might have a problem.

  37. @dylansdad: yeah man it’s funky a lot of the Mondo “24×36” prints are slightly larger than that. Gonk is one of them. Not sure about this print.
    Sincerely though I recommend trying the ReFrame thing. They really look cool and allow the ink to show a lot better than if the print were behind glass.

    (I don’t work for or even know the people who make ReFrame, just bought one for an odd size print and it looks pretty awesome on the wall)

  38. this is pretty lame, i’m a huge star wars fan but so far i’ve not been impressed with this series..

  39. this reminds me of the lost posters.
    very very easy pass.

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