New Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse folks are ready for another insane print release today.  Martin Ansin’s “Bride of Frankenstein” poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 235, and will be $45.  There is also a silver glow-in-the-dark variant with an edition of 100 for $80.  Lastly, they’ve worked with the estate of Richard Pryor on an official art print by Ken Taylor.  “Thank You.  Good Evening!  Hope I’m Funny.” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 160, and will be $30.  All of these prints go up today (Wednesday, June 30th) at 11am CST.  Visit

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  1. I am absolutely in love with 95% of the silver variant. The thing that axes the whole deal for me is the hair waves. They don’t fit with the print at all, and the angle just seems to be… off. Everything else on the print is GORGEOUS. Kudos to this artist for his anatomical work.

  2. About the angle of the hair waves: they do seem to be slightly off. However, it seems to change in every picture I’ve seen and even in the film.

    Still an amazing print.

  3. Great successful poster, as opposed to a printed illustration I’m seeing alot of.

  4. I’m goin for the Pryor. The man was one of my heroes growing up.
    The Ansin is absolutely gorgeous, but alas there can only be one.

  5. I like both of them a lot, but after buying that Horkey set, I need to try and relax a bit on the purchases.

  6. I like the Taylor poster but it is giving me Shepard Fairey vibes for some reason.

  7. The draftsmanship by Taylor on the pryor is amazing!

  8. I agree that it has some Fairey characteristics but I actually like it more than some of his more recent portraits.

  9. ansin kills it again

  10. Tell Martin Ansin to stop making prints. I’m going broke over here.

  11. Just got both!

    Can’t wait to see them for real!!


    Is this super annoying, whenever I click Ship to Billing Address, this loading thing will pop in the middle of my screen, and then it will start loading the Payment Method, Shipping Method, and Total Order. So instead on waiting for a full page to load with all the necessary information, Mondo decided it would be fun to have separate sections of their shopping cart to load while traffic is slowing down the site.

    The result, an even lower checkout system. There are times where I’ll see the Total Order and Payment Method, but I won’t be able to see the Shipping Method, which means I have to reload the page and start over again.

    What’s the whole point of telling people how to increase your chances of purchasing a poster from Mondo when the shopping cart isn’t even working properly when there’s a small hint of traffic.

  13. I have to agree with hammertime.

    The “shipping method” bug pretty much screwed me out of the variant I had in the cart.

    I love their posters but they can’t run a website for sh*t.

  14. Agreed…

  15. i don’t understand why they opted to have all these features during checkout when they know time is of the essence. they know this already…….

  16. After being redirected to Paypal, I have already confirmed my payment method and shipping address. It is maddening to sitcandcwatch thecwheels spin while you wait to confirm information you already confirmed. Plus, if you choose FedEx during the shipping method screen, it returns to the USPS default on the next step anyway.

  17. Yeah you guys know I’m like the first fool to tell people to give Justin a break but goddamn man we’re talking about a REALLY simple shopping cart system here. It really doesn’t need to be this difficult.
    I scored what I wanted to today but the checkout process was anything but smooth sailing.
    You’ve got a fixed shipping fee and one actual option for shipping. Let’s just say that’s an area you can go ahead and streamline.

    Here’s what should happen. I click “add to cart” and I’m brought to my shopping cart with my item + shipping automatically there. I then click “pay with paypal” and am redirected to a paypal sign in page. I sign in to paypal, confirm my payment and shipping info, click “purchase” and get a “Thanks for your order!” page soon followed by confirmation emails.
    That’s it. No weird ass multi-load screens. No mondo to paypal then back to mondo loops.

    Justin, we love you, we support the shit out of your business and we will continue to do so. Fix the cart dude :)

  18. it’s nothing personal, strictly business. notice we’re not shitting on Justin but rather on Mondo’s checkout system. i’ve had this problem ever since they switched to the new site. for the longest time ive been saying they have to change this, and now i’m really gettin pissed off since no one ever listens. well, im fed up and i’m bout to put this them on blast until something is done.

  19. re:iron, dylansdad, & hammertime


    They should not have a cookie for shipping options – 1 choice for shipping.

    Fix the payment option – either let the customer sign in to Paypal in advance of the sale, so you don’t have to sign in during checkout. OR Mondo should let you store your CC info encrypted with your account info.

    And finally, fix it so when you come back to the cart from paypal or wherever, all the defaults have not been restored.

  20. this is a beautiful poster.

  21. I Love The Bride !

  22. yeah I was dealing with that whole shipping crap and by the time I checked out boom all gone

  23. Does anyone know if Alamo is doing a print for the Jaws show?

  24. Martin Ansin is one of my new favorite artists. Had to buy one.

  25. It was my first time trying to buy a print from Mondotees. I thought I was quick on the draw for the variant until I started getting bounced back and forth it was not a pleasant experience. I kept thinking that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but then had to jump through another hoop. Anyways the variant went bye,bye. It was a good try; but there was no need for all these steps.

  26. Though the mondo site could use a little improvement there are always going to be people that miss out and are pissed off. Its the nature of limited editions. The frustration is going to get directed at the site or flippers. Personally I have had nothing but great service from mondo and think the frustration is a little misguided but understandable.

  27. Martin Ansin is fast turning into one of my favorites! and Taylor just hit it farther out of the park than Shep has in quite some time!

  28. @grant: the shopping cart issue is one that plagues mondo and mondo alone and has done so for quite some time. It really does need to be fixed and can be fixed quite easily.
    Not much whining about this drop really. Most of us that wanted one got one. Justin just needs to streamline the checkout process and can only know what’s wrong through our feedback.
    He’s a big kid and can certainly handle a little “hey dude this thing sucks, you oughta fix it” from his customers :)

  29. Oh man, Ken Taylor is good. That Pryor print is amazing.

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