David Welker’s Phish Poster

Check out this awesome poster by David Welker for tonight’s Phish show in Canandaigua, NY.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ ten color screenprint with an edition of 550.  It was lovingly printed at Burlesque Design.  These will be for sale at tonight’s show, no word yet about online availability.  Enjoy!

10 Responses to “David Welker’s Phish Poster”

  1. Woah!

  2. Welker killed it with this print. Easily the best poster of the tour so far.

  3. Holy sheep shit; that is awesome!

  4. great looking poster.. phish and their posters have been killing it this tour.. looking forward to atl

  5. Really beautiful.

  6. This kid is hot.

  7. Grrrreeeeaaaattttt!

  8. Wow, I I knew i would have made the 12 hour drive best print of summer tour.

  9. god why is my home in central new york over ran by dirty hippies?

    can’t wait to move….

  10. The hippies are coming to SF Mike ! Look out !

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