“What Once Was 2” Art Print by Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy’s monthly art print is up and it’s easily one of his best in recent memory.  “What Once Was 2″ is a 16″ x 24” screenprint, probably has an edition of 555, and is $40.  Pictured below are both the normal and glow in the dark views.  This one will definitely sell out fast.  Visit DanMcCarthy.org.

15 Responses to ““What Once Was 2” Art Print by Dan McCarthy”

  1. gone before i could checkout………gggrrrrrrrrrr

    what a fast seller!! 550 gone, like that

  2. sold out quickly but I got one.

  3. rolling in it

  4. Scored one, happy day!

  5. DA-NA-NA…DA-NA-NA. if espn commented on posters, this one would be a web gem. unbelievably spectacular.

  6. Yeh i missed it. I forgot the drop was today and remembered when i got my email, and by then they were lonnng gone.

  7. yeah, this rules!

  8. + 1!!!

  9. Gorgeous.

    McCarthy just seems to get better & better.

  10. Glad I’m a McCarthy subscriber! Love all of his work but this one is truly amazing! Can’t wait to get it!

  11. i am never going to sleep on a Dan McCarthy subscription ever again

  12. Astounding.

  13. i hate you Dan McCarthy. You’re just to damn good!

  14. missed out. pissed!

  15. I really wish I wouldn’t have slept on this one. Busy day at work kept me off my toes on the drops.
    Damn that’s a nice piece. Great work Dan.

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