New Movie Posters from The Alamo Drafthouse (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release another batch of amazing movie posters today.  This group includes the last of their series for The Warriors, plus a Survival of the Dead poster by the artist behind The Walking Dead, Charlie Adlard.  Everything goes up today (Thursday, May 27th) at a random time.  Visit

“The Warriors” by Tomer Hanuka

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 180, $40:

“The Warriors” Print Set by Ken Taylor  (Click Image To See Larger)

Set of Three 12″ x 36″ Screenprints, Edition of 200, $65:

“Survival of the Dead” by Charlie Adlard (The Artist Behind The Walking Dead)

22″ x 34″ Glow in the Dark Screenprint, Edition of 150, $30:

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  1. Is this the first screenprint from Hanuka? Daaamnnn

  2. i know, it looks amazing…

  3. Crap, being in Australia I will no doubt miss the release time for the prints. Been wanting one of these Alamo Warrior prints for a while and now’s my last chance!

  4. Wow that Hanuka’s pretty great, might have to try for it.
    The Taylors are awesome and the Adlard is very cool (just wish I liked the movie more).

  5. That Taylor is great.

    I wonder if they will do an “uncut” version like they did with Stout’s Warriors print set?

  6. Nope. No uncut sets for this one.

  7. Also, I don’t think Mitch mentioned it, but the SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD poster glows in the dark.

  8. sweet! that Survival of the Dead GID goes perfectly with my Walking Dead books

  9. Is there any chance of an Eric Tan “Back to the Future” print drop too?

  10. @yah man

    I am totally with you on that. I might roll my eyes at “Survival of the Dead”, but I am intrigued by a print from Adlard…

  11. So, the date on the Warriors print say October 5, 2009 … have these been sitting around, or were they just printed?

    I remember when the Stout and Tan Warriors prints were released last year, it was stated that they were part of a series of prints, but, seems a little odd for these to be dated 7 months ago, were they available at the screening?

  12. tan did back to the future? shit i wanted stout for that.

    can we stop with this warrior shit though? there are so many films out there. I rather buy an adventures in babysitting then another warriors

  13. re: Joe

    Here you go.

    But as far as I’m concerned, they can keep the warriors posters coming. Love ’em.

  14. no no…i want a mondo adventures in babysitting. with thor

  15. @Joe: while that might’ve been a joke, Adventures in Babysitting is such a rad movie I’d fuckin LOVE a Stout or Tan print from it.

    LOVE I say! :)

  16. enough with the warriors already

  17. Yeah the original one sheet for “Adventures” is sick (is that a Drew Struzan?) but like Joe said we need some Thor and Joe Gipp action in a mondo piece.

    Lords of Hell vs. Babysitter?

    Playboy centerfold style poster with Chris draped in a towel and the rest of the cast peeking in from behind?

    The possibilities are endless.

  18. I bet if Olly did a Warriors print and just had like two coke bottles resting against each other on flat red you dudes would change your tune quick.

    It’s not the theme, it’s the execution.

  19. re:iron j

    Struzan was the artist. Always one of my favs.

    When Stout is at his best (Big Trouble in Little China; Lebowski; Lost), I think his layouts are similar in style/tone to Struzan’s.

  20. @JB: yeah you can kinda tell when Tyler’s working that way. Not to take away from his talent but dragging photos into illustrator and tracing them with the pen tool for a later composite into a poster is nowhere near as awe inspiring as the paintings Struzan turns out time and time again. That dude’s somethin else for sure.
    That being said I think I might actually like Tyler’s take on The Thing a tad more than Struzan’s original. I’ve got both framed in my house and I think Tyler really just “got it” with that one.

  21. @Joe
    Tan has been working on a BTTF print – detials available at
    I’m only speculating (wishful thinking) that its for the Alamo, due to their upcoming “trilogy feast” planned to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of Back to the Future.

  22. No doubt Struzan is the superior painter.

    The Thing is perhaps my favorite Stout that I do not own.

    And based on the increasing scarcity of that print, I may never. =(

  23. @ Ian

    errr…im not a huge fan of Tan as everyone is.

  24. The Tan is not for Alamo.

  25. @ Ian P

    It’s not for the Alamo, it’s for some show he’s going to have stuff at. It’s in his comments section. I hope the Alamo does something for their feast as well though!

  26. its too cartoonish for me. but well see.

    and no if olly moss did a warrios print with some symbolism like he usually does, id pass. I liked the warriors movies. Have the Stout and have the Tan, unforun (thought it was a screening poster), but enough.

  27. and shue in babysitting….:)

  28. so broke right now….the Survival of the Dead is pretty rad too. i wish i had a stout The THING poster. :( that is prob my fav piece by him.

  29. They are all up at Mondo now.

  30. That was surprisingly easy.

    How long do you think these will stay up?

  31. Was in such a hurry to check out didn’t realize Mondo had my old address :( Hope they can change it post-order.

  32. Picked up the Taylor set, easy checkout (no errors). 2 of these will probably end up on either side of my Eric Tan Warriors print.

  33. re:Rorschach

    I’m going to see if I can have them framed together and then put it underneath my uncut Stout Warriors.

    Going to be big, though.

  34. +1 on Hanuka’s “The Warriors”!

  35. Warriors is super nice but I think I’m gonna hold out for a different release. Last couple weeks I’ve been spending like an idiot on prints.
    Kinda surprised these are such an easy grab (nothing sold out as of now) but I guess if it ain’t Stout, Danger, or Moss it doesn’t melt Mondo’s website these days.
    Good on all you boppers who snagged a really unique and well drawn Warriors print.

    @JB: yeah that Thing print is rare as all hell these days. I think there’s one on eBay right now and it’s already bid up past $500 with like days left in the auction.
    Heh, if i ever need a new liver I know what to sell :)

  36. I really like that Survival of The Dead print but the movie sucked. And I love the cover art for The Walking Dead but I think I’m going to skip this and save my money like a good boy.

  37. cant afford any of it….DAGGER. :(

  38. re: iron j

    I saw that Thing on Ebay.

    I went HIGH in the last minute of the auction & still didn’t get it.


  39. Felt the need to jump in here and post since its been a few days.

    Stouts “Thing” went for $910 for those wondering. WOW

  40. @Baker: Hot damn that’s a proper sale! If The Thing weren’t my favorite movie I’d sell mine in a second. As it stands it’s like the one print I’ll probably never sell.

    $910.. wow

  41. That Tomer one is DOPE!

  42. Hanukas design sense is crazy good. and finally affordable.

  43. Ahh, I caved! I got the Warriors set. Will look awesome with my Stout ones.

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