Ken Taylor’s “Kate And Claire” Lost Print

The seventh Lost print is by Aussie favorite Ken Taylor.  “Kate And Claire” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and is $50.  Visit

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  1. disgustingly ugly

  2. Does not look like either character Can’t tell what the middle part is supposed to be. bleh.

  3. i dont watch lost but the first batch of prints and the whole idea was sort of novel. should have been left at that. now its just sort of turned into a parody of itself if you ask me. thankfully, this cash grab is almost over.

  4. This is my fav so far, it’s like a page in a lost comic. Looks just like evil claire and Kate so I don’t get Shapps comment. Bet this looks great in person, can’t wait. FAVS R Guy Burwell’s Candidate Cave and The Black Rock.

  5. Claire looks pretty dead on, Kate’s a little off but close. The middle part is the view from inside the pit when the smoke monster is laying waste to the temple.
    I like some of these new prints (especially the DD) but on the whole they do seem a little rushed.
    Whatever though, good on any of these artists for gettin cool gigs like this.
    Here’s fingers crossed for a new Olly or McCarthy tomorrow. :)

  6. i love how kate’s eyes are done. the white really make it look glazed. totally swiping that technique. :)

  7. I mean really. Has it come to this. The art is all good but this is kinda retarded. Does there need to be a pop culture reference to sell art? Cash grab big time

  8. I seriously don’t get you monkeys sometimes. Is it because it’s a television show? Is it because it’s popular? I’m so confused by all the shit that gets talked on these prints simply because the subject is LOST.
    I don’t hear the same shit when Mondo pays artists to make posters for movies.
    I don’t hear the same shit when record labels and bands pay the artists to make posters for concerts.
    What part of this work of fiction bugs you fools so much?
    What the hell makes Iron Man 2 or The Wolfman or Flight of the Concords or Them Crooked Vultures a subject worthy of an artist’s time and immune to ridicule but not LOST?
    I’m actually curious.

  9. Iron- That’s how it works works these days, friend. I frequent this site and several others and LOST is always met with some pretty heavy disdain. is an excellent example. Over the last six months they’ve hit up several Tuesdays with LOST tees and they’ve always been great sellers. But if you read the comments, there are plenty of people who feel the need to piss into the wind.

    One of the comments earlier pointed out that ABC has been shelling out some pretty mediocre prints for roughly the same price. Although I’m not a fan of all of these new prints, I can easily say I wasn’t a massive fan of a lot of the first set either. It’s the way things roll in this day and age I guess.

    Regardless, I thought Ken did a bang-up job on this one. He captured “Crazy Claire” pretty darn well. I love the comic book style he laid out.

    Thanks again, Mitch, for busting ass to make sure we’re aware!

  10. please STOP with all of the LOST shit please its a fuxing tv show

  11. @Jon: I hear yah.. just makes like no sense to me. Sooo be it. :)

    @Ben: yes it is a tv show. And these are posters. And you’re going to give yourself an ulcer.

    You lookin for a hug player? Cause you came to the right place!

  12. Ben- Eh, just hold out till Sunday. After that you won’t have to worry about it ever again.

  13. anyone want to bet on this selling out? i’ll take ‘no’. taking all bets up to 10 USD

  14. Wow, lots of “Lost” haters here. If you don’t like or care, why not just ignore?

  15. @Ryan: dude it’s impossible to ignore things you don’t like, totally and completely impossible. Sometimes when I’m walking down the street I see someone with a hairstyle I don’t like and I yell out at them “HEY YOU UGLY BASTARD WHAT’S WITH THAT GODDAMN HAIR!?!?”… if I don’t hate on at least ten things a day I’ll just die.

    @kbor: that’s an odd thing to bet on. How about this. I’ll bet you $10 that today’s drop gets bitched about just as much as yesterdays! :)

  16. Its a good start to the day when I have to set an alarm to see if the poster drops at 1:08 EST. Here’s hoping to a print to buy today.

  17. ryan… heres the thing all of this energy that all of these talented artists are outting into these pieces is what irritates me. possibl because of the fact that they got such a huge amount of attention in the beginning. it just seems as though some artists are trying to cash in on a fad. which being self employed i can understand but look at this print… honestly? is this really a timeless piece? no offense to the artist meant at all… its simply the content.

  18. Olly Moss up.
    +1 for real!

  19. love the Olly Moss. got one

  20. Yep, I grabbed one for sure!

  21. Just grabbed one too, its great.

  22. SOLD OUT! Those went FAST!

  23. Wo, grabbed it to before it went!

  24. When did the Moss drop? Could’ve sworn I looked at 11:15PST and there was nothing new. Now all of a sudden it’s there and at first said “SOLD OUT” in red. Reloaded the page and got one, I think. Now it has the updated sold out image.

    Did the vary from the recent XX:08 drops?

    Still like Moss’s movie posters better myself, but maybe my opinion will change once I see it in person.

    Yay, it’s over! Well, except for the near ~5 hours of LOST programming tomorrow night anyways :)

  25. @ craig, Baker, Zepeleptic.

    Out of curiousity, what were your order numbers? Wondering if I actually did get one or maybe they oversold…

    Mine is order #131062

  26. I got my email confirmation at 11:49 and I saw it go up probably 5 min before that.

  27. @muschology

    my order number 13075#

  28. 130612 here and I know I was on that the very second it went up.

    131062 – 130612 = 450 so you probably got in at the last second muschology.

  29. Mine is 130946.

  30. #130601 here. I think I’m safe.

  31. Cool, thanks. I got an email so I’ll assume I got one unless I log in later and it shows cancelled or something.

    Really can’t believe it went that fast, but it sounds like there were some leaks/rumors that it was another Moss print. That probably peaked a lot more interest and made those interested a little more attentive.

  32. these are already going for about $300 on ebay right now. crazy

  33. 130718, I had to reload almost every page while doing the purchase so it took me a few minutes.

    This one dropped at a random time. I wonder if its cause part of the image was leaked. I saw the top part of it in the EB thread over there.

  34. Mine went from ‘authorized’ to ‘preorder’ fyi, is that the first step to a cancellation?

  35. No, if it is Pre-Order I think you should be ok. My DD print is still at Pre-Order and it has been that way since i purchased it.

  36. haha…i love this stuff…… hey any screen printing companies looking to artists to cash in on shows and movies, please hire me. seriously.

    i hate the fact i can’t get in on any of this…….

  37. I resent other people using my name to trash this print series. For reasons outlined so excellently by Jaiden above, quit whining and suck it up. It’s a major TV event this week, so of course it’s going to get attention. Get back under your rock, and come out in a few days, when it’ll all be over, and you can run back into your ivory tower to stare at your Emek prints lovingly.

  38. If you’ve seen the episode, it’s pretty obvious what scene is being depicted. The significance being that Claire finds out that Kate is the one who took her baby (and kept him safe, but that’s not really the point here). And then the smoke monster comes along.

    I think this is one of the better posters from this series, but there is a lot of brown. I’ll need to see some close-ups.

  39. I’ve got to side with 13 on this one. I just saw the same episode from which the source material was derived & the images are spot on. Yes, the dominant color scheme is in fact brown, It seems a bit more effort went into this one (& the DD offering) as compared to some of the others.

  40. Pretty much right after they sold out they were already selling on ebay for 250, i saw one go for 300. Yikes.

  41. Ben, so sorry others may have mistakenly lumped you in with someone with an opinon and taste.
    Number one… this is not trash talking other than the fact that it is a mediocre print with less than mediocre subject matter.
    read my previous post. I have much respect for other LOST prints that actually capture the entire show as a whole that were done with a crazy amount of detail. This print (and many other Lost prints) is so specific that it makes someone who doesnt watch the show religiously, not intersted in it. and I want to be interested in what artists are doing…
    Number two… fucking kudos to the artist for the great sale now please go back to doing your regular shit.
    Number three… BEN dont try and fuckin dis on somebody to try and have everyone back you up cause you think your stickin up for the artists’ justice. i hate that shit on here and every other forum.
    and finally I’m an art collector. the only thing i am saying is i am ready to keep collecting… I just want these artists to do something besides LOST….. and this is the place I’m saying it.
    this is not a big fucking deal.

    ps i havent bought an EMEK print since flatstock ONE in san francisco . back when shit wasnt like this.

  42. thank god lost is over

  43. it really is creepy how much of a hold this show has on america. the end really is coming……

  44. @Tony: i know right?!?!11!!? Sooooooo glad this stupid show is finally over! Now America can get back to quality intellectually stimulating entertainment with shows like Dancing With the Stars, CSI: (your city here), Jersey Shore, and Desperate Housewives! If TV isn’t your thing you’ve always got stellar cinematic choices like Iron Man 2, MacGruber, and Shrek Ever After! Now of course for the upper rungs of the IQ ladder the printed page is the only form of narrative worth a damn so thank christ-on-a-pterodactyl for fine authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham, and Stephanie Meyer!

    LOST was like an intelligence vampire that’s been sucking the brains out of America for 6 years and last night it finally got the stake through it’s retarded heart it so well deserved.
    God the U.S.A!

    I’m gonna go watch Avatar and eat a box of twinkies now.

  45. ps. you know I got nothin but love for yah Tony :)

  46. mediocre? in my opinion this is the best print of the 2nd series, and in the top 3 overall from both series. if your not a fan of the show, i can understand you not getting it. i would think you would still respect it on an artistic level though. awesome work ken!

  47. If you think “Lost” was an “intelligence vampire”, you’re one of the people who didn’t get anything from the show. It’s just your opinion. Just as my opinion is that it started off extremely well and was made for intelligent audiences. As the seasons went on, it took a turn for the supernatural stuff and was even more complicated. Some people liked it and some people didn’t. While I wanted more realism to the story of “Lost”, the character development was well-done and the entire thing was so entertaining. I’m glad they had the balls to end it at a certain, predetermined time.

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