Tara McPherson’s “Jin & Sun” Lost Print

Looks like today’s Lost print is another newcomer to the series, Ms. Tara McPherson.  “Jin & Sun” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and is $50.  I bet this thing is beautiful in person.  Visit DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com.

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  1. No doubt. Check out this close-up snippet of the metallic ink Tara’s used on the grey areas.



  2. Thanks Meredith! I think that photo made me want it now. Looks great!

  3. worst characters in the show. worst print in the series. HEYO!

    ok fine fine i’m kidding. Michael and Walt suck more. oh so does shannon… and boone…

  4. Friday is finally here, only a few more days of this madness seeing what gets released. Im going to go out a limb and guess we get some Central time zone loving today. I got paid today so im looking for something to buy…

  5. @Baker: haha yeah man payday is dangerous. If today brings us a Stout, McCarthy, Taylor, or a Moss I’m gonna pull the trigger on g.p. alone and hope the print’s something I like :)

  6. these new prints are a joke

  7. @Eidolon: hella constructive comment. You should be an art critic with your keen sense of composition and balance. Did you study at RISD by chance?

    *nipple pinch*

  8. @Iron Jaiden Pay day is always a dangerous day for me. Friday drops often times leave me with a little less money than i originally thought i would have.

    As for the prints, I thought each of them have been great for what they are depicting. I managed a get a DD but have passed on the others, simply cause they are not my cup of tea. They are all still very nicely done.

  9. it’s a really cool series/project, even if all of them aren’t exactly my thing, there’s something for everyone.

    i actually like this print (thanks also to Meredith’s photo), but jesus not even a single attempt at a likeness. normally i’m not a stickler for taking license, but a show with this kind of following might appreciate a minimal amount of care depicting what the artist surely must think was one of the best scenes (is that a fair assumption?). i happen to like Jin and Sun, and this WAS my favorite scene so far this year, but christ if it wasn’t for OMG’s headline i wouldn’t know what the hell this was referencing.

    i don’t know why it bugs me in a way it never bugs me, it just feels one part insulting and one part laurel-resting or phoned in

  10. @Eidolon. Apparently you didn’t see the ones on the ABC Store then. Unless of course, you have a term slated for those that is worse than “joke.”

    Gotta figure the next two are recognized artists in the series.

    Hopefully they don’t do a surprise on Sunday, I won’t be around a computer.

  11. ….not that there isn’t a part of me that wants to buy this right now

  12. If you don’t know who McPherson is then you’re show how little you pay attention. I think it’s beautiful print. The composition and color choice is great. The love between these two characters in the last throes before death is emotionally and perfectly portrayed. I think that this print also stands on its own. If you never watched LOST, then you can create your own story around what is happening here. It’s the difference between art and illustration, and if you think they’re the same thing, you’re quite mistaken.

  13. Taylor up!

  14. new poster up…not a fan of it. another pass…

  15. Ken Taylor just dropped. Not really feelin it. Atleast now I can leave work early and go mow the grass…

  16. what he said

  17. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I’m not exactly sure what this is depicting.

    I still say Burwell would’ve made the best crazy Claire with this fragmented style.

  18. Nevermind the above comment, I’m an idiot. It’s the temple hole/well.

  19. Nevermind the above comment, I’m an idiot. It’s the temple hole/well. At least that’s my thought.

  20. I’m curious to know if these prints were commissioned before some of the scenes occurred. Maybe Tara was told “show Jin and Sun kissing underwater” and had no context for it.

  21. I’m not sure what context many of the artists had the first time around, and they could’ve had more time to complete the pieces. Some admittedly came out and said they were big fans of the show either on their sites or various forums after the releases.

    This time around though, It feels as they were given subject matter and MAYBE watched the episode that included their “moment.” If that. At least it kinda feels that way. It would be great if they were all super fans. Unfortunately, it just can’t work out that way given they’ve chosen some heavy hitters for the project once again. Not everyone has a spare ~120 hours of their lives to dissect a show that requires you pay attention and keep interest. Sadly, I do :)

    At least they’re still relatively obscure and don’t scream I AM A LOST POSTER!

    Either way, I can’t wait to see the few I’ve purchased this time and don’t regret buying them. Picking out which to frame, remains a whole other issue…

  22. muschology: I agree. Here Here!

    I frame all of my prints at Americanframe.com. way cheaper that bringing it in to a frame shop,

  23. Tara,
    i loves it!! I’m really glad they picked the scene for you that they did, absolutely gorgeously rendered!

  24. Had to pick this up. The close up’s on Tara’s site make me think this print will look wayyy better in person.

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