“Jacob And The Man In Black” Lost Print by Jeff Soto

Looks like today’s Lost print is up and running.  Jeff Soto’s “Jacob And The Man In Black” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and is $50.  Pretty interesting to see them working with so many awesome new artists this time.  Visit DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com.

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  1. glad there are new artists involved as well. Jeff Soto was a bonus.. Glad hes doing a commission print

  2. ugh enough with the damn lost prints

  3. Somebody said it!

  4. Josh – there’s a new one coming out each day until the finale, get used to it.

  5. i don’t care what it’s for, getting a 50 dollar Jeff Soto print is one of the best deals you’ll ever find.

  6. I was way surprised to see an artist like Soto on these. Huge fan of his. Picked this up soon as I saw it this afternoon.

  7. Love the print and was going to order it but it seems they can’t be bothered with buying and installing a SSL certificate. I mean in this day and age to have an e-store and not encrypt the credit card transactions!? WTF?

  8. Soto has a PJ print coming soon as well… Branching out?

  9. easy choice for me picked one up.

  10. the just dropped a new one: Tara McPherson for Jin & Sun


  11. Did not expect that. I like her stuff more, but a McPherson nonetheless.

  12. so why did the other LOST series posters sell out in seconds and these ones are taking days?

  13. probably the biggest artist on the series.

  14. @srslymatt: I think the main factors would be edition size (500 vs. 200) and limited theme. The first run had 5 seasons worth of craziness to go on, this run has less than 1 full season to draw from.

    McPherson is intensely talented but I’m not really feelin this “Sun / Jin 69” print so I’m off the hook for $50 for another day. 🙂

  15. (and yes I get that it’s a yin – yang thing… 69’s just funnier)

  16. Personally I think the fun of the clues helped the prior series as well. I miss that.

    But honestly, if these weren’t pounded out in 8 days, and rather went week by week, it would allow people to flip them on ebay and drive the insanity up. I mean, the Crash didn’t mean shit until some idiot dropped $700 and set the bar so ridiculously high that flippers went crazy. I sure missed that boat.

    Edition size definitely matters, but the fact that the Danger sold out pretty quickly even at 500, shows that it’s still possible.

    Thankfully, no auctions can really be had and I think these will all be an easy get from DCAAPB which helps keep the frustration down.

    Had to go for Jin/Sun. Didn’t have a McPherson yet. And I lost the auction on the bike I wanted yesterday, freeing up some funds 🙁

    And to all the people bitching about LOST prints every day, we’re plastered with Alamo Drafthouse, Stout, and Fairey prints just as much. It’s really no different. It will all be over soon so take a couple days off of OMG.

  17. as soon as I saw the poster I was like,” ahh snap” then i read the artist & i was like” ahh double snap” made the order yesterday.

    @Iron Jaiden: i’m with you on McPherson, like her talent but, not feeling Sun & Jin on this poster.

    i got a feeling James Jean may be one of the last artist. wishful thinking, come on people.

  18. @muschology: yeah the LOST print fever for round 1 was definitely different than this round. Personally I’m kinda stoked to see these things sit for a while with everyone getting a chance at ’em. As much as I enjoy the excitement of a server melting Stout drop I really do like to be able to purchase pieces of art for my living room without having a goddamn panic attack at the paypal screen.

    As to people bitching about the abundance of LOST art being produced and sold I will simply say ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
    Who in the hell, especially in our little corner of the art world, could ever bitch about talented artists being commissioned to put out pieces of creative work for a show they all dig and love watching? This is the very definition of “really cool shit” you guys. Get stoked on any of your favorite artists gettin good gigs like this.

    Now I’m bored at work again… *le sigh*

  19. Im back! You know its much harder to check for print drops on my phone. Damn T1 line going out and making me have to leave the office. Thankfully tomm I think I will happily be plastered at the computer as the boss is out.

    I also am enjoying these drops, Im not nearly killing myself screaming at Paypal to load the damn screen. It has taken some stress from my life atleast for this week. Granted I am still hitting the “button” on time each day.

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