Already Sold Out: Daniel Danger’s “The Black Rock” Lost Print

I was unfortunately not around a computer when this one dropped yesterday, and it has since sold out.  Daniel Danger’s “The Black Rock” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and was $50.  It looks like these Lost prints are dropping daily this week, so keep an eye on the site.  I’ll post them when I’m able to, but they usually are released without notice.  Visit

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  1. beautiful.
    do want.

  2. Yea, shame, I’d love to have picked this up.

  3. Yeh, i lucked out and got one. Im curious to see who else they use for the others. DD is one of my favs, would be cool to see a Moss or Mccarthy in there as well.

  4. i think its pretty nuts how olly moss just comes onto the scene and has this crazy streak of sellouts.

  5. @Joe:
    I second that! But I guess if you get the right projects and know the right people, you can get lucky.

  6. wish I would have been able to pick this up. I really like it.

  7. Great print.

    Hope Moss, McCarthy. Taylor, or Stout are among the remaining artists.

  8. Wish i could have got one of these :(

  9. I’m kinda hoping for a new big name artist, maybe I’m alone in that…


  11. @DiscLizard, Who were you thinking? Theres plenty of great artists besides the couple I named that I would love to see do one.

  12. As much as I’d fall in love with another Stout, McCarthy, Moss, or Taylor I’d like to see some new blood as well.

    Alex Pardee – Destruction of the Temple?
    Silent Giants – The Redemption of Ben Linus?

    Guess we’ll see.

  13. I’d like to see a Burwell of crazy Claire with her skull baby. Not sure exactly what “water cooler” moment that would be considered, but she would fit nicely into his style with her disheveled look this season.

    Might be too dark for his tastes though.

  14. @muschology: yeah dude a Burwell of anything LOST would be pretty great. I think his style would lend itself well to an awesome Hurley poster. Maybe like a “Day of the Dead” style thing with Hurley in the middle of all the ghosts of the people who’ve died on the island. I’d dig something like that for sure.

    I hate these cockeyed drops. Like I’m not asking for an exact time but some sort of a clue would be nice.
    Is it gonna be one a day through Saturday? Is it gonna be all 5 at the same time Sunday morning at 6am? Who knows. :/

  15. Speaking of….Guy Burwell up now!

  16. new one is up!

  17. Burwell is up right now!

    Hot damn we must be psychic :)

  18. New one is up. It is certainly not for me….

  19. Just beat you to it Iron haha

  20. Yeah I’m gonna pass on this one too. It’s nice and Burwell is on point for sure but I didn’t really dig that episode much and that’s a lot of brown.

    Good luck boppers!

  21. @ iron jaiden – I may have had a source with knowledge close to the source who believed there was a Burwell coming down the pipe 😉

    I think I got one. SQL error at checkout, but it’s in my order status in my order and has an order number. I’ll quit trying now.

    I’m just shooting for 10:08a-1:08p every day. Fortunately I sit in front of a computer at work.

  22. Haha yeah Baker wins by a nose.
    I’m assuming you’re wasting your employer’s money as badly as I am right now.

    Good stuff. *high five*

  23. I also decided to pass on it, I like the print, but its just not really for me. I need to cut back on my spending some

  24. got one. not sure if I like it or not but figured I might as well pull the trigger on it before it is sold out and then decide whether to keep it or sell it when i see it in person

  25. I think it will look great in person. The more I look at the detail I’m okay with the purchase. Plus, I wanted another Burwell that wasn’t a gig poster, being that’s all I had in my collection.

  26. So they say it’s 4 “new artists to the campaign” and 4 “we may recognize”. I’m assuming by “recognize” they mean artists who did a print during round one. So 3 more veterans of the series and 1 more new artist.
    Moss, McCarthy and Stout if I had to guess. Next couple days could be interesting.

  27. ^You forget Mr Tong who was both round 1 and round 2 which has already been released … so presumably that leaves only 2 “vets” left to release

  28. @ starkiller: The Tong prints for Lost Live don’t count for the “final 8” though do they?

  29. @ iron jaiden. I had this same “recognize” question, but I think you’re correct in your thinking.

    I’ll be surprised if there isn’t an EMEK, but without knowing if he’s a fan of the show it’s hard. Maybe him and Guy get together on Tuesdays and watch it in Portland.

    Or maybe I’d just like to see an EMEK without type on it. His typefaces turn me off of his great illustrations, but that’s my taste issue.

    Would also love to see another Olly Moss. Wasn’t a fan of the Locke one myself. Again, the type ruined it for me, even though I know what it was mimicking.

    I also need a Tan, being “the Crash” is not worth the asking price that has been set.

  30. @ muschology: yeah I feel exactly the same way about Emek’s use of type. Amazing artist minus the silly font. I’d be stoked to see what he does with LOST.

    I’m actually not all that hyped on the idea of another Stout in this series. Don’t get me wrong I love his work but like once he does a theme it’s pretty much done. His Warriors prints were an exercise in redundancy. Beautiful redundancy but redundancy never the less.

  31. @ Iron Jaiden

    New Burwell Lost print.. Ask and u shall receive..

  32. @Iron Jaiden

    I have no idea what you are talking about haha. I was being very productive at work today. Just everything i did was in a smaller window than usual making sure nothing got in the way of reloading my webpage to see when the print came up haha.

    Its not going to be a productive week…

  33. best of the lost bunch in my opinion. wow wow wow, that is OUTSTANDING!

  34. McPherson’s image is up. she’s got some chops too, but this image makes me laugh….for all the wrong reasons…lol.

    did anyone think that when jin and sun died, “what about your kid Jin?, you selfish a-hole” lol…..

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