Tyler Stout Fundraiser Packages

In an effort to help out the family of Dayton Tiedje, Tyler Stout has put some fundraiser packages up for sale.  For $500, you’ll receive an Iron Man 2 A/P, a Monster Squad A/P, a Total Recall A/P, a Warriors uncut A/P, and a set of Lebowski handbills.  There are only six packages available, so if you can spare the dough, don’t wait around.  All proceeds will be donated to the Tiedje family.  Visit TStout.com.

9 Responses to “Tyler Stout Fundraiser Packages”

  1. Being a father of a 5 year old, this story makes me feel physically sick, and incredibly sad, if I had $500 I would buy this…

  2. good cause and good deal, sold.

  3. Wow that’s terribly sad. I’ve got a 3 year old myself.
    Good on you Tyler. If I had the dollars I’d do this in a second.
    Hope these all sell quick.

  4. All gone!

  5. mitch, tell tyler he is an outstanding human being; good cause.

  6. yep, great cause. wish I had $500 to spend.

  7. Looks like they sold out. Very cool.
    Again good for you Tyler. Already a huge fan of your work, quickly becoming a huge fan of you as a dude. Keep it up man.

  8. Tyler is an awesome artist and now a great humanitarian.
    Thanks Tyler, don’t let anyone change you!
    I thought about sending you a personal e-mail to thank you for this, but figured you probably read this forum.

    Way to go! My heart goes out to the family. If there would’ve been one of these packages available when I got to your site, I would’ve certainly bought one to support this great cause, but I’m happy that they sold out quickly!

  9. so sad. props to tyler for doing this

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