“Versus” Art Print by Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey (Onsale Info)

Well folks, here it is, the one you have been waiting for.  Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s collaborative art print will go up for sale later today.  “Versus” is a 12.875″ x 29.75″ TWENTY FIVE COLOR SCREENPRINT, has an edition of 130, and will be $300.  There is also a special version with an edition of 20 that will be $600.  Here are Jay’s words about that one:  “this is the exact same print as the rest, but these 20 prints have the title (“versus”) hand-drawn in pencil by aaron, with flanking brontotherium busts drawn in pencil by me.” Everything goes up today (Monday, April 26th) at 12pm CDT (in other words, Chicago time) at TheBirdMachine.com.

Here are some pictures of both the regular and special editions.  You can click the first one for a larger view.

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  1. Beautiful print. Well worth the price. No way on earth I’m gonna be able to afford that. Good luck to all you boppers out there scramblin for this one.

  2. I can’t afford it either, but I’m still buying it 😉

  3. Woh – I wish I wasn’t so poor. Loverluy print.

  4. Well i just paid off my trip to Beijing, i may be able to swing this. It will be a game time decision…

  5. way too much for me…

    price is fair; would end up on ebay for that much, so might as well give it to artists.

  6. Kinda meh on the result of this one
    love the process thread/info, wish more would document their process

  7. i’m kinda shocked at the balking at the price. i dont see a quick sellout and i wonder if any of the $600 version will sell.

  8. The $600 one will sell because Horkey’s custom lettering will be on it.

  9. 300 extra for a word by horkey. i’ll be suprised if they sell quick.

    well a picture of said word could help sell.

  10. no way i could ever touch this(price wise) but man.. it is such an awesome print.

  11. Really $300??? I know this is a complicated process, 25- 26 screen- 4 keys…blah.blah.blah. But, for that price……………………….

  12. Price seems fair for the regular version. although too rich for my blood.

  13. The final print is up on page 54, and the detail shots are pretty amazing!

  14. Original drawings from both artists on a twenty five color print? Six Hundy is a bargain. Keep in mind how much nesting goes for now.

  15. 600’s went quick! wanted to snag one but they were gone when they appeared sucks

  16. yeasayer are awesome.

  17. I’m amazed the regular edition has not sold out yet. I was sure it was going to sell out in a couple of minutes. I’m also surprised at how quickly the other version at 600 bones sold out

  18. The lines in the sky are weird.

  19. The lines suggest speed. Now if only some of them looked like they were running…

  20. too rich for my blood..

  21. this would be better if it had a live-traced image of a celebrity somewhere on it

  22. process / technique is of course impressive but the image makes me say “meh.”

  23. not worth the price they could have hand drawn the reg version as well for 300 the 600 is cool both prints are over priced. I have seen more depth out of half the colors waste of time and ink.

  24. This image isn’t even close to Nesting. This image is boring and it isn’t anywhere near as beautiful.

  25. Seems like a whole lot of effort for the end result to be far less impressive than the work these guys do on their own. I like it, but all of Horkey’s solo work blows this out of the water IMO.

  26. Blah blah blah money whine whine whine overpriced.
    It makes me sad that people feel the need to bitch about something this beautiful. Stop talking about money for five minutes and enjoy some fucking art.

  27. lol @ dr. stupid

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