“Pepper’s World” Art Print by Saber

Jetset Graffiti has started taking orders on this exquisite new art print by Saber.  “Pepper’s World” is a 29.5″ x 38.5″ twenty-eight color screenprint, has an edition of 68, and is $300.  There are also 10 HPM’s for $500 each.  To enter the sale page, just use password SABER.  Visit JetsetGraffiti.com.

6 Responses to ““Pepper’s World” Art Print by Saber”

  1. Buyer beware, read up on Jet Set Graffiti before doing business with him.

  2. Awesome Print by one of the best! Nice work!

  3. i think the story about the print is dope and all that but man i think he missed it on the image, saber is so sick and i love his style but i think this image is a whiff for him

  4. Anything from Jet Set is bunk to me.

  5. Jon and Joe can seriously suck it!

  6. Never had anything but good transactions and interactions with JSG.

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