Florian Bertmer’s Night of the Living Dead Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse will release this insane Night of the Living Dead poster by Florian Bertmer later today.  It’s a 24.5″ x 35″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and will be $35.  It goes up today (Tuesday, April 20th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

37 Responses to “Florian Bertmer’s Night of the Living Dead Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. i want one of these so bad.

  2. you’re right mitch… it is insane.

  3. nice poster, but would be sweet if it was a GID!

  4. Looks good. Any idea if there will be a variant(s)?

  5. God damn that’s hot!!! I’ve been trying to reel it in a little lately but this is a MUST BUY. Wow.

  6. gonna buy this….haven’t gotten a print in a while but this is rad….i regret not buying florians holy mountain poster

  7. Favorite movie of all time. Awesome poster.

  8. why is mondo straying away from screening titles? thats what made alamo drafthouse posters so unique.

  9. it’s up

  10. Had to have it, just too sweet.
    Goddamn I need to stop hitting up OMG every morning. Ain’t got dollars fallin outta my butthole! :)

  11. had to get this, how could I not?

  12. 16 bucks shipping is the cheapest?

  13. I really want this, but I’m having a hard time justifying $15 shipping. I mean… seriously?

  14. got one!! :)

  15. p.s. the shipping is a tad brutal, but oh well. im sure this will be SICK in person.

  16. i bought it…but that shipping is ridiculous…..im going to pretend it is a 45 dollar print with 5 dollar shipping to sleep better tonight

  17. got one… yeah, i thought shipping was a bit much.
    gotta stop spending on posters…

  18. Yeah I’m gonna agree with everyone here on the shipping. I got nothin but love for Mondo but it does not cost fifteen bones to ship a poster. I’ve shipped many prints in re-used tubes from Mondo and it’s usually about half that. I imagine they’ve got an account with USPS which should bring the per tube price down to around $5. Toss in another couple bucks for the tube itself and you’re still lookin at some serious markup.
    Conversely this is a great print (as usual) and Mondotees is a really rad shop run by a really rad dude so we’ll let that slight gouging go and pretend Justin has each tube protected by a voodoo flatstock spell 😉

  19. Is it just a Mondo art print or a Drafthouse Alamo screening poster?
    Heading says Alamo Drafthouse but there’s no credits on the poster, or am I missing something?
    Nice print though, bought one myself.

  20. Sorry, I can’t justify spending almost half the cost of the print just for the shipping. I mean, I like the new shipping tubes, but thats obscene.

  21. i am pretty sure this print will not sell out…
    just bought it cause i really like movie and the poster is sweet as well; don’t know about overall price.

  22. actually….they’re almost sold out!!! per mondo twitter feed.

  23. the fed ex was cheaper than the USPS….im glad i got one….florians work is amazing

  24. yep. saw that.. got one just in time…

  25. just grabbed one. stoked.

  26. a screen who illustrates well with out the use of vectors!?
    a rare breed on here indeed.

    awesome print.

  27. is there a way to just set it to pick up at the store? Im literally 5 minutes away but i can’t just set a shipping option as pick up

  28. Bryan, you should get an email from Justin in a bit.

  29. Florian is getting better every print. Always trying new things, questioning his style and adding new elements. Feeling bad I was to late for this one.

  30. the tubes that they shipped my Bad LTNT posters in were very nice, and not cheap, of course they are buying them in bulk but those u-line poster tubes arent free…

  31. they are the same tubes they have been using for months, and they are top notch for sure. Shipping is a bitch but at least you won’t get bent and dinged prints. Have to agree that it is somewhat disappointing that these aren’t screening editions, only art prints….. more like fan art that show editions. Still nice, but not the same.

  32. I’m actually glad these aren’t for a screening. I’d much rather have a cool art print for a movie I like, then a poster for a screening I didn’t attend.

  33. They just don’t reflect tube cost in print price. Mondo Tees may charge $13.50 for shipping and tube cost, but if they put that in the cost of the print and charged $40 with $8.50 for shipping, no one would complain. It all evens out, they just post their shipping costs in weird ways.

  34. In my opinion what’s cool about screening prints opposed to fan art prints for a movie is not whether or not I attended it, it’s that it happened at all. It’s a time stamp and specific interpretation for that specific event. I actually am one of probably only a few that loves to cycle through movie credits on the prints as long as it flows with the rest of the image. I bought two of the prints myself because i like it but would have far preferred to have an event poster.

  35. These “art prints” for movies are super lame.

  36. Pretty cool print. I also wish it was for an actual screening, it would also be pretty cool if it glowed in the dark, it looks like it should. Whats up with the the creature from the black lagoon hand though?

  37. mine arrived yesterday and it is STUNNING in person. had a ding in one of the corners, but im willing to over look that considering i scored #32/200. :)

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