“Ready To Believe You” Ghostbusters Art Print by Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle’s newest movie art print, this time based on Ghostbusters, will go up for sale later this week.  “Ready To Believe You” is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint with an as-of-now undetermined edition size (I assume the mailing list sale will play into that decision).  Both the regular and the glow in the dark versions will be sold first sometime this week to his mailing list.  That’s pretty much all the info for now.  Get on the list at NakatomiInc.com.

9 Responses to ““Ready To Believe You” Ghostbusters Art Print by Tim Doyle”

  1. Not a complaint…. a mailing list sale is great but it would be seriously aggravating to see these released in a public sale later… at least make the variant exclusive to the mailing list

  2. Tim Doyle doesn’t care about you.

  3. are you his lover? Sorry, didn’t know I was cockblocking you….peace… no harm I’ll stand aside

  4. The variant is exclusive to the mailing list. And the pre-sale is to make sure everyone who wants one can get one…there will be a few sold to the public later on-line. It’s all detailed on the Nakatomi blog.

  5. i wish when you looked at this print, you’d hear the wicked Ghost Hunting Horn blare out like a claxon!

    Big up Nakatomi!

  6. Timmy D brings the heat again!
    My only complaint is that I didn’t wanna spend any dollars this month on prints… le sigh…

    Suggestion: if you do another one in this series (like your Blade Runner prints) you should go obscure and just do the walls in the 5th precinct bleeding or like draw a couple of cats and dogs living together in the suburbs… you know, mass hysteria! 🙂

  7. Tims print are beautiful in person. They really do look magnificent on the screen but in your hand, they shine.

    Killer linework!

  8. never bought a doyle print but ghostbusters is my favorite movie so im gonna try for one of these. signed up for the email list. since the edition size is undetermined, does that just mean theyre print-to-order (like a timed sale) orrrr… ?

  9. @ matt….i believe the email list is set to order as many copies as you want. i think the # of orders determines the size of the edition. if i am wrong, may i be slimed at my desk for speakin out of turn…. ;]

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