“These Parties Disgust Me” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

I guess Shepard Fairey wants to say something with this week’s art print.  This politically-charged piece has a lot more emotion than the benign wallpaper patterns he’s been doing.  “These Parties Disgust Me” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $45.  It goes up tomorrow (Friday, April 2nd) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

39 Responses to ““These Parties Disgust Me” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. I’m going for it.
    I like it more than I dislike it.
    This will be my first Mrs. Fairey print.

  2. i could not put that dress on my wall untill after midnight

  3. why is there a transvestite with a referee uniform on in that picture?

  4. Thank you Joe!

  5. Can someone tell Shep to unban my account?

  6. It’s always best to talk shit on the print that you’re trying to flip.

  7. this print would be waaaaay better if he would have just put paul “whale” watson’s face on her body.

  8. @Jugger: My man if you aren’t spending your days on the side of the highway with a sign that reads “IF U LUV UR CUNTRY HONK AND SHOW YER TITS!!!” then you really need to be.
    As you can clearly see in the background on this one there’s a donkey (that’s the Democrats) and an elephant (that’s the Republicans). The Republicans and the Democrats are the two major political “Parties” in the United States and they are the “Parties” Mr. Fairey is disgusted by. It’s a statement on politics in general and not a very difficult one to take from this piece.
    He makes no mention of the Tea Party or any mention of censoring anyone. You just made all that up.
    I’d say nice troll but I honestly don’t think you were trolling, I think you actually take offense to completely random shit like Shep Fairey prints or traffic lights or the taste of cereal.
    Maybe it’s time to put the Glenn Beck comic book down, step out of the bunker and get some fresh air?

    *high five*

  9. This my friend is epic win sauce.

  10. the beauty of art…..image vs. response!!!

    read the replies above!!!

    iron jaiden

    jugger i hear your point….you’re venting…
    but, with this print??? the rant doesn’t work.
    jaiden is right on this one…you are wrong. plain and simple.

    I’m a sorry a$$, I’m registered as non-partisan…no loyalty to either side…in Cali my vote counts either way…how I see fit. not by some corrupt politician(LOL)…or corrupt party…
    sad part is the whole damn things sounds OXYMORONIC!


  11. +1 I’m Loving it.

  12. WOW at above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Well said my man, well said.

  13. In case you didn’t pick up on it, today’s print release is a graphic declaration… demonstrating my deep disdain for dysfunctional democracy. The image is a cathartic opportunity for me to w(h)ine about my frustrations with the two major political parties. Vote for people who want campaign finance reform because that is the only way to decrease the influence of corporations and special interests on our elected officials.

    stfu fairey, your art isn’t relevant anymore and nobody cares about your views.

  14. Iron 1 and Jugger 0

    round 2……..

  15. Why dont you STFU Ivryan? You don’t have slightest clue what you are talking about. Go get a life….

  16. Dear Obey Consume Repeat,

    I can only imagine from your handle that you are either

    1.) Someone that likes anything Obey puts out because you are too stupid to think for yourself and therefore garner all of your views from a middle-aged street artist.
    2.) Obey customer support.

    Either way you’re waisting your money on these prints, they take about five minutes to make.

  17. Fairey will forever be “that guy that did that obama poster”…
    He peaked. Fade to black.

  18. yup i collected his shit up to that point.
    Now Im done.

    I dont give a fuck about his site crashing hahahahahahah.
    I got his shit when you didnt even know about him!!!!!!

    Now its crap and expensive crap at that.
    Good luck suckers

    O btw he cant draw well. hand and nose sucks.

  19. The ‘Art’? pointless drivel. The Replies? Fantastic (by definition!) – I’ve never seen more pretentiousness in one small space before. Thank god for cyanide… Give it a try. Or I heard that four or five uncooked kidney beans are fartal (fartal? nice misspelling. I think I’ll keep it.) But for you, I don’t think you’ll get the chance. Get eating.

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