New Prints by Olly Moss (Onsale Info)

A couple of new prints by Olly Moss will be available online tomorrow.  There will be some remaining copies of his “Master Race” print from Gallery 1988’s sports show (16.5″ x 24″ screenprint, edition of 100), plus a brand new poster for The Appleseed Cast (18″ x 24″ screenprint, tiny edition of 55).  Both go up tomorrow (Wednesday, March 31st) at 2pm CST.  Visit

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  1. hey mitch. maybe march 31st? great job as usual….

  2. Ack I slept through April?!?

  3. How is this possible, I mailed Gallery 1988 for the Master race and they where all sold out.
    Really hope I can get it tomorrow.
    Thanks for this, great news,

  4. its pretty nuts how olly is 3 for 3 already

  5. @Edgar These are being sold by Mitch at Posters and Toys.

  6. …and of OMG Posters! fame.

  7. its also quite possible they are gong to charge more then the gallery rate because poster and toys do that

  8. I know and I don’t care! I wanted this, so I can hang it at my fathers apartment in Berlin, where Jesse Owens won the master race, so that the circle is complete.

  9. mitch, do you have a lot?
    why not a lottery type of thing?

    the page will get crazy crowded tomorrow… i am already hitting f5…

  10. yea mitch i agree man..anyway you can help some ppl out.

  11. P&T usually isnt to bad on marking stuff up. I got Stouts Uncut Warriors Variant for 100 bucks which I think was pretty close to original cost if I remember right. Still cant wait to get my 2 tubes from 1988…

  12. It will be slightly higher than original price but much lower than the $100-150 market price. Olly and I worked out the prices together.

  13. mitch, lottery?
    bueller… anyone… bueller…

    last time i wanted a stout there were only about 3 available…:(

  14. I don’t see how a lottery would be any different than the straight up onsale. That is basically a lottery.

  15. the appleseed cast is way better, just buy that one

  16. Wow! that was gone in less than 60 seconds. +1…maybe.

  17. holy crap that sold out fast, got an appleseed poster but the master race was sold at right at 12 :(

  18. Still sits in my cart. Taunting me.

    Funny, cause I didn’t even have time to enter my account password before it gave me an error.

  19. looks like nobody wants the appleseed poster, i thought it was pretty cool haha

  20. it seems like i got one… :)
    i guess lady luck was finally on my side; it did go fast.

    girlfriend will be happy, even though I am planning on giving this one to my dad. he’ll appreciate it more…

    thanks mitch!

  21. how the heck did you get it? i refreshed at 12 and it was already sold out. mitch must have had about 5 of them or so.

  22. I can’t imagine there were many left after the 1988 show…

  23. lvryan, don’t know how i got it… i’ve tried so many times with other posters (f5-refresh) and was never able to purchase one (mondo, postersandtoys, fairey’s site, etc…). i guess my time was due…?

  24. I think P&T had 50 total of the master race

  25. P&T has always been lucky for me. I’ve gotten every hot drop that i was interested in. Horkey/Emek and now this. Can’t say the same for Mondo and fairey, hit or miss on both of those.

  26. kills me because i could have gotten this frmo gallery. it didnt sell out right away

  27. I can never get anything at P&T either. It’s weird.

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