Already Sold Out: Dan McCarthy’s “Night Air” Art Print

Wow, it looks like Dan McCarthy prints are officially back to selling out FAST.  This one went up yesterday and sold out in just a few hours.  “Night Air” is an 18″ x 24″ glow in the dark screenprint, has an edition of (probably) 555, and was $40.  This is why you should sign up for Dan’s subscription, one of the best deals in posters today.  Visit

3 Responses to “Already Sold Out: Dan McCarthy’s “Night Air” Art Print”

  1. So pissed off I missed out on this one. The ONE day in my life I sleep for 13 hours (ridiculous, I know) I wake up 5 minutes after people being saying it sold out. GRR

  2. I think I need a new hobby that is less aggravating.

  3. Long-time McCarthy collector and missed out on his last two prints…. I agree with “3d.”

    However, Congrats to Dan once again!

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