A Few New Items From Nakatomi

The gentlemen at Nakatomi have a few interesting new items up for grabs.  The first is the new invitational print/shirt package from comic artist Jim Mahfood.  The print is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, the shirt sports a totally different design this time.  Both will be sold for one month, or until 100 are sold, whichever comes first.  The print costs $30, the shirt costs $20, you can get both for $40.  Visit NakatomiInc.com.

They have also posted Tim Doyle’s newest art print and concert poster.  The concert poster is for the recent Appleseed Cast show in Austin.  The poster is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 35, and is $30.  The art print, titled “Low Level Owl”, is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 75, and is $30.  Both versions glow in the dark.  Visit NakatomiInc.com.

12 Responses to “A Few New Items From Nakatomi”

  1. Not so sure about the art print and shirt combo, but another smasher from Doyle. A bit Danger-esque, perhaps?

  2. yep, definitely has a Danger feel to it.

  3. It does, but also the way the lighting is done on the Barn gives me more of a comic book feel to it than a Danger.

  4. agreed. Looking at it longer, it definitely has Doyle’s stamp on it. I love the sky especially.

  5. Damn everyone already beat me to it..

    So Tim, you really getting inspired by Daniel Danger these days?

  6. Actually- Working with Clint Wilson inspired me to do this print. His Get Up Kids print from a few months back was so beautiful in its simplicity, black line art over a split fountain, that I wanted to give it a shot. When listening to Appleseed Cast to prep for the poster, this image popped into mind, and I decided to go for it.

    I think DD has a much more refined hand when it comes to drawing than me- my stuff is a little chunky.

  7. When people mention another artist’s name, it’s usually someone who isn’t that old and has influences of his/her own lending to their specific style. Part of Danger’s work came from his own imagination, and some of it is influenced by other people. Most artists have the same process going. So it doesn’t matter if this is similar to what Danger does. Doyle adds his own style to his work and you can tell.

  8. ^agreed

  9. First of all, no one is excited about a dolphin with nunchucks?

    Second, in response to 13, it is a little odd no one sees a blue sky with a swirly thing and thinks of Starry Night.

  10. I don’t think anyone was saying it was a ‘bad thing’ – I certainly wasn’t. Just that it’s a subject departure for Tim compared to recent stuff.

  11. mahfood is the man, and i’m excited to purchase this!

  12. yep, totally ordered both.
    nice work all around! Superpumped Tim, thanks from us comic fans in getting another f*ing awesome artist!

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