Daniel Danger’s Fenway Art Print

Being a Boston native and devoted Red Sox fan, Daniel Danger naturally decided to do a print of Fenway for Gallery 1988’s upcoming sports show.  Details aren’t completely final yet, but it will first be available at the show, so it’s coming very soon.  I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, enjoy!!

Click to see a MUCH larger view:

34 Responses to “Daniel Danger’s Fenway Art Print”

  1. This is gorgeous. Now I wish he made an art print for every sport.

  2. im not a boston fan at all but this is freaking awesome

  3. That…is…gorgeous.

  4. Need this!

  5. Uggh, More blue and black? Really?

  6. …will there be any uncut? Love Fenway

    not really diggin the diptych.

  7. “and they marched as one, creating a vast field of liars”

  8. He cut off homeplate. What the heck?!

  9. I love Fenway but man this would be soooo much better without the gaint Bud sign. It’s an accurate depiction of Fenway though so what can you say?

  10. yeah I agree with tom danger should’ve ditched the bud sighn.

  11. Wow… I usually pass up on his prints… just not my taste, but THiS I like! A lot.

  12. Im not a Boston fan at all either and not even a Dnager fan, but this is really, really cool.

    Lets hope he does a Yankees print.

  13. blah baseball… mma prints would be cool…that gives me an idea…

    nice artwork as always though. this guy is a machine!

  14. I’m very stoked on everything except the split and unrealistic defensive spread, but even so, if this is the Red Sox offering for the show, I’ll probably try hard to get it.

  15. Why on earth would he do a Yankees one as a “devoted Redsox fan”?

    …and why a digital scoreboard atop the Monster? Unless I’m just looking at it wrong…

    I’m with everyone else on the odd split, but it is what it is, and that’s Fenway. Pretty sweet for any BoSox fan. Including myself.

    Also interesting that there is no Coca-Cola bottle in left, but yet there’s the Budweiser sign.

  16. So who will be doing the Aaron Boone HR print?

  17. Guys, I just read that he will be print a full, unbroken image (11″ x 44″) to be sold through his site, TinyMediaEmpire.com, and it will have a larger image than the set of 100 diptych for 1988.

  18. Whoever doesn’t do the 2004 ALCS comeback print I’d guess…

  19. another class danger print

  20. As a Yankee fan I will relish the opportuity to buy this print and flip it to a RedSox fan for triple the price >:-)

  21. go phillies!

  22. yeah, that will really stick it to them.

  23. muschology, on February 25th, 2010 at 11:59 am Said:

    …and why a digital scoreboard atop the Monster? Unless I’m just looking at it wrong…


    Perspective. Check out the BOA scoreboard to the left of the giant scoreboard in center field on this pic … (I did a double take when I first saw the image as well)


  24. awesome. but for the sox i would have liked it in red.
    hopefully he does a red color one!!

  25. This looks amazing. I’m a Yankees fan and will still probably try to get one.

  26. Ah, thanks Pewter. I just wrongfully assumed it was in place of the large banner sign over the monster.

    Man I really want this. Especially now that I stitched it together in Photoshop.

    It’s just awesome.

  27. 3d, I really hope you’re kidding. Print flippers are the scum of the print community, and don’t deserve access to these artists works.

  28. Yankee blue…….should have been RED

  29. Anyone have an idea of the price on this?

  30. Well, muschology, I dont know much about Danger and I didnt know that he was a “devoted Red Sox fan”

    But whatever. The Red Sox suck.

  31. Well apparently, not only do the Red Sox suck, but your reading does as well. First line of the post should’ve explained why he wouldn’t make a Yankee print I’d guess…

    But at least you can appreciate the print even with your hatred.


  33. As Evan mentioned….
    “Gallery 1988 will have 100 diptych sets, each side approx 11×22″ image size for their opening, and i (Daniel Danger) will have the full image printed as a 11×44″ wide single image in a larger edition. so, decide which one meets your wall needs or framing budget, and go at it.”

    In all seriousness, I’m gonna need that full 11×44 print. The cropping of the diptych is just really unfortunate. It won’t kill ya to shift the reference photo a little to the left or right so homeplate isn’t in the gutter. I’m gonna need a 60inch long frame. That’s 5 feet. Yeesh!!

  34. Well, I usually glance over the reading part. I look at the things that stand out. But its still pretty cool.

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