“Release The Ink!” Art Print by Spike Press

I’m really, really happy that Chicago’s Spike Press has started putting out art prints.  “Release The Ink!” is a 19″ x 25″ limited edition screenprint for $35.  Grab one at SpikePress.com.

5 Responses to ““Release The Ink!” Art Print by Spike Press”

  1. I love these imaginative whimsical images. So much depth in this 5 color screenprint. THumbs up.

  2. just noticed the sharks lurking in the distance. YES. Release the ink captain, because this is an awesome print.

  3. Spike Press is one of my favorite artists and this art print seriously kicks asses.

  4. i absolutely love this!! i recently started following your blog and have yet to regret it. brilliant!

  5. If Noah would have only thought of an octopus shaped balloon. lol good picture.

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