Powell Peralta Limited Edition Skull & Sword Gee Gah Deck

Old Skull Skateboards has some insane limited edition Powell Peralta decks available.  Sporting the famous “Skull & Sword” design, these things are limited to 250 pieces and cost $89.99.  Visit OldSkullSkateboards.com.

4 Responses to “Powell Peralta Limited Edition Skull & Sword Gee Gah Deck”

  1. How many more times are George & Stacy going to drag this graphic out. Don’t be fooled this will be reissued to the end of time in as many colourways as possible.

  2. The Gee Gah decks are strictly Limited Edition releases and will not be released again in different colorways.

  3. its the same dame theme, design, image that has been used on his products sense the beginning. who cares


    OMG Posters!

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